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The application process continues through mid-August. If you apply early in the admissions cycle and are placed on the waitlist, you can remain on the waitlist for months. Every applicant will receive a final decision.

We know this can be a tenuous time for you. We thank you in advance for your patience.  For more information, please visit the frequently asked questions section.

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Additional Documents

Letters of recommendation
All letters must be submitted to LSAC and not mailed to Fowler School of Law.  No more than three letters of recommendation from Law School Admission Council will be received.

Updated resumes
If you have a new job, new position, promotion, project, feel free to send an updated version of your resume. The update should inform the admissions committee on any aspects of your new position, project, etc. that will enhance your ability to become a good student, improve your writing and/or analytical skills, etc.

Updated transcripts
If you are in school and have completed another term, feel free to request an updated version of your transcripts. You should have an official copy of the transcripts sent directly to the Law School Admission Council.