» Jimmy Blalock served as Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board from 2011-2012

Jimmy BlalockJimmy Blalock (‘09) was Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board from 2011-2012. “Jimmy drafted the board bylaws, solicited new members and served as an outstanding advocate on behalf of the Chapman Law alumni,” said Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Administration Jayne Kacer.

Jimmy always went above and beyond to ensure that feedback was heard and actions were taken. Even as a student, Jimmy became a great advocate for his classmates when he served as SBA President from 2008-2009. “I loved being able to voice the opinions of students in a way that brought real change to the law school,” said Jimmy.

When asked why he decided to serve as Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board, Jimmy said he wanted to help promote Chapman University Fowler School of Law because it is truly a one-of-a-kind legal education. “I realized that every lawyer I’ve met has some complaint about their respective law schools…except Chapman grads,” he added.

As the Chair, Jimmy gained an understanding of the behind-the-scenes actions of the law school and helped to bring many positive changes to the school. From small feats like the coffee stand in the lobby to large-scale establishments such as the board bylaws and increased alumni benefits, his hard work will always be appreciated.

Currently, Scott Levitt (’03, ‘10) is the Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board. Alumni who wish to get involved should contact Ian Jones Assistant Director of Student and Alumni Affairs.