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The 18,000 square-foot Digital Media Arts Center is a working, industry-standard studio inspired by the spaces built for creative giants such as Pixar, Disney, Microsoft and Google.

Collaborative spaces include a coffee bar, relaxed indoor lounge, communal table, and a large outdoor patio area. This building features a 2D Animation Lab, which allows hand drawn technique and animation to be done directly on the computer screen; a traditional art studio to hone your drawing and design skills; and erasable walls that allow for free drawing and sketches which greet you as you come into the building or enter a classroom.

 Additional spaces include:

  • screening room with tiered seating for over 100
  • 1,500-square-foot directing stage where screening acting and film production students come to collaborate on their thesis and other projects on a professional scale
  • 2 digital arts labs with the latest Maya software for 3D design and animation
  • 10 digital arts editing suites

The Digital Media Arts Center provides students with access to the very latest technology so that you are well-prepared to work as professionals on Hollywood’s most technically sophisticated projects.


  • A 32-workstation dual monitor digital arts computer lab with 22”HD cintiq drawing surface and ergotron extension arm.
  • A 25-workstation digital arts computer lab with 22”HD cintiq drawing surface and ergotron extension arm with 2d animation light-box drawing station.
  • 10 private digital arts suites complete with 42” plasma preview monitor, large-format scanners, and 2d animation down-shooters for traditional hand-drawn animation.
  • Natural sky-lit art studio, complete with 25 wood-bench stations for still art drawing or painting.
  • Screening room with tiered seating and a 4k stereoscopic projection system with a Fuse DCP projection system.
  • Multiple laptop bars and student lounge area, complete with full size couches and recliners.
  • 1,500-square-foot directing stage, complete with 2k projection and ceiling grid lighting.
  • Complete grab-and-go food service area.
  • Outdoor patio with tables and seating.
  • Flexclassroom with transforming tables.
  • A full 65 blade render farm powered by both Quanta and IBM xeon-based computers. The render farm is located offsite at Marion Knott next door, but is tied into each and every station in the DMAC.
Explore the Future of Film
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