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All students, faculty, and staff have access to Google Apps via their Chapman University account. Users will have access to several cloud-based apps such as google docs, google sheets, google drive, and much more. Staff and Faculty will not have access to Gmail services through their Chapman University accounts.

We want to bring to your attention some recent changes to our Chapman Google accounts, which will impact how you share and collaborate with Google between faculty and students.

As noted at the Fall Faculty meeting, Google accounts are now available to you within Chapman’s Google domain using your Chapman email address. Separately, many of you may have noticed from your course rosters a change to the email addresses of incoming students. New students are now receiving a username@chapman.edu address instead of username101@mail.chapman.edu.

Key impacts

  • Please do not rely on looking at the user name/email address to determine whether a user is an employee or student. Note that we have included “Student” next to the student name in the name field so that students can be clearly identified.
  • When sharing Google files between students or between faculty, staff and students, you are advised to choose "Anyone with the link" from the "More . . ." options. This will assure that everyone is able to access the files, regardless of their email format. Do not choose the CHAPMAN UNIV option.
  • You may receive warning notices about sharing outside the organization when using some collaborative Google applications. You should click Proceed and disregard these notices.

If you experience any technical difficulties or would like some help getting logged in, please contact our service desk team. (714) 997-6600 or servicedesk@chapman.edu

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Important Note:

Only select apps are available using your Chapman University account. For more information about available apps, please visit the FAQ menu.