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Thursday, February 14, 2019: The Implications of Wayfair on Interstate Taxation

Presentation by Michael T. Fatale, Deputy General Counsel at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue


Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Commencement Ceremony

Monday, April 17, 2017: Chapman Dialogue Featuring The Honorable Russell D. Feingold, Former United States Senator from the State of Wisconsin

The Growing Threat to the Legitimacy of the U.S. Government

Friday, April 14, 2017: Entertainment & Sports Law Symposium: The Evolution of Sports Business

Panel I: Sports Law 2.0: Broadening the Scope of Sports Law 
Keynote: Featuring Los Angeles Dodgers President & CEO Stan Kasten
Panel II: Emerging Trends in Sports: The Business of eSports
Panel III: Keys to Success: Thriving as a Sports Agent in a Highly Competitive Market 

Thursday, March 16, 2017: Chapman Dialogue Featuring Peggie R. Smith, Charles F. Nagel Professor of Employment and Labor Law

Regulating Care Work in an Aging Society: Past Trends and Present Challenges

Friday, February 10, 2017: Chapman Law Review Symposium: The Future of the Legal Profession

Panel I: The Global and Multi-Jurisdictional Practice of Law
Panel II: The Future of Legal Practice
Panel III: The Future of Law Schools 


November 4, 2016: Diversity and Social Justice Forum Symposium

Silenced Justice?

October 24, 2016: Chapman Dialogue featuring Alfred Chueh-Chin Yen, Associate Dean of Faculty; Professor of Law, Boston College Law School

Aesthetics, Stare Decisis, and Copyright's Promotion of the Arts

October 3, 2016: Chapman Dialogue featuring Manuel A. Utset, Jr., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and William & Catherine VanDercreek Professor, Florida State University College of Law

Financial Regulation: A Behavioral Law & Economics Perspective

September 20, 2016: Chapman Dialogue featuring Molly Ball, National Political Correspondent, The Atlantic

2016 and the Great Disruption of American Politics

August 29, 2016: Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library Book Talk featuring Alumnus Timothy Sandefur

The Permission Society

May 18, 2016

Class of 2016 Commencement Ceremony

April 5, 2016: Chapman Dialogue featuring the Honorable Salim Joubran, Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel

Freedom of Religion and the Role of the Supreme Court

March 29, 2016: Chapman Dialogue featuring Lonnie T. Brown, Jr., A. Gus Cleveland Distinguished Chair of Legal Ethics and Professionalism, University of Georgia School of Law

From Watts to Ferguson: The Prophetic Wisdom of Ramsey Clark

March 14, 2016: Chapman Dialogue featuring Richard A. Epstein, Inaugural Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law, NYU School of Law

Justice Scalia's Jurisprudential Legacy of Property Rights

March 3, 2016: Social Justice Symposium: Blinded Justice: A Discussion About Whether The Legal System Values and Protects Diverse Communities

Panel I: Inequality: The Immigration and Asylum Process
Panel II: Impracticality: The School to Prison Pipeline
Panel III: Impunity: The Criminal and Civil Justice Response to Violence Against Minorities 
Hamid Khan, Founder and Former Executive Director of South Asian Network, Campaign Coordinator for Stop LAPD Spying

February 12, 2016: Entertainment & Sports Law Symposium: Relationships, Regulations & Compliance: Forces of Change in Sports Law and Business

Panel I: Relationships Matter: Dealings and Negotiations as a Team Entity Counsel 
Panel II: Finding the Chosen One: The Complexities of Finding, Recruiting and Signing Professional Athlete Clients 
Keynote: Shawne Merriman, Former NFL Linebacker
Panel III: Administrating the Adherence: Developments and Issues with Sports Administration and Compliance
Panel IV: Contract Negotiations and Commanding Calamity: An Agents Role in Navigating Image, Public Faux Pas and Branding

February 8, 2016: Chapman Dialogue featuring David Thronson, Associate Dean for Experiential Education and Professor of Law, Michigan State University College of Law

Immigration Law and the Family

January 29, 2016: Chapman Law Review Symposium: Cyber Wars: Navigating Responsibilities for the Public and Private Sector

Panel I: The Government Perspective: Preventing, Regulating, and Responding to Cyber Attacks 
Keynote: Framework for the Future of Cybersecurity
Panell II: The Corporate Perspective: Corporate 
Panel III: Cybersecurity for the Practitioner: Client Security, Discovery, and Ethical Considerations

January 21, 2016: Chapman Dialogue featuring Robert B. Adhieh, Vice Dean and K.H. Gyr Professor of Private International Law at Emory University School of Law
The Golden Age of Legal Education


November 16, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring James Gibson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law, University of Richmond School of Law
Relying on Reputation

October 26, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring Jennifer L. Mnookin, Dean; David G. Price and Dallas P. Price Professor of Law; and Faculty Co-Director, Program on Understanding Law, Science & Evidence (PULSE), UCLA School of Law
Modular, Made-in-Advance Expert Testimony: Opportunities and Obstacles

October 23, 2015: Nexus Symposium: A Sustainable Future: The Advancement and Implementation of Renewable Energy (MCLE 5 hours)
Panel I: Renewable Realities
Keynote: Todd Foley, Chief Strategy Officer, American Council on Renewable Energy
Panel II: Policy Perspectives 
Panel III: Advancing New Technology and What the Future Holds

October 8, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring Lawrence B. Solum, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
The Case for Originalism: Justifying the Constraining Force of the Constitutional Text

September 10, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring Christopher Slobogin, Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law; Professor of Psychiatry; and Director, Criminal Justice Program, Vanderbilt University School of Law
Can the Fourth Amendment Survive in a Digital Age?

April 6, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring Garry W. Jenkins, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and John C. Elam/Vorys Sater Professor of Law, Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
Next-Gen Giving: How New Philanthropy Helps and Hurts

March 24, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring Nestor M. Davidson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law
The Administrative City-State: Administrative Law in Local Governance

February 19, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring Monica Hakimi, Associate Dean for Academic Programming and Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School
What's the Point of International Law?

February 6, 2015: Entertainment & Sports Law Symposium: Taking Care of Business: How the Evolution of the Marketplace is Changing the Rules of the Game (MCLE 6 hours)
Panel I: Jack of All Trades: How Business Acumen and Crisis Management Skills have Become Essential to the Role of In-House Counsels
Panel II: Slurs, Student-Athletes and Tattoos: Key Intellectual Property Battles in Sports and Their Implications
Keynote: David Dunn, CEO, Athletes First 
Panel III: How David Beats Goliath in the Age of Corporate Conglomerate Sports Agencies
Panel IV: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? Fiduciary Duties, Ethics and Conflicts of Interest in Athlete Representation

February 2, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring Tom Ginsburg, Deputy Dean, Leo Spitz Professor of International Law, Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Research Scholar, and Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago Law School
Were the Framers Right about Constitutional Design? The U.S. Constitution in Comparative Perspective

January 30, 2015: Chapman Law Review Symposium: Trolls or Toll-Takers: Do Intellectual Property Non-Practicing Entities Add Value to Society? (MCLE 5.5 hours)
Panel I: The Scholar’s Perspective: Theories of Patent Trolling
Keynote: Standing Sentinel Over Innovation: The Importance of a Balanced and Effective IP System
Panel II: The Practitioner’s Perspective: The Effect of Patent Non-Practicing Entities on Industry
Panel III: Copyright and Trademark Trolls: Fable or Fact?

January 26, 2015: Chapman Dialogue featuring Daniel B. Rodriguez, Dean and Harold Washington Professor, Northwestern University School of Law; Immediate Past President, Association of American Law Schools (AALS)
The Law-Business-Technology Interface and its Impact on Professional Education


November 13, 2014: Chapman Dialogue featuring Melanie D. Wilson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law, University of Kansas School of Law (MCLE 1 hour)
The Moral Impediment to Justice

October 24, 2014: Nexus Journal Symposium: Regulating California Businesses: Are Current Laws Best Serving the State's Economic Interests or Has the Sun Set on California? (MCLE 5 hours)
Panel I: The Burdens and Unintended Benefits of California’s Tax Policies on Business
Keynote:  Andrew F. Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc. (Carl’s Jr., Hardees)
Panel II: Do Laws that Favor Employees Drive Business Away?
Panel III: The Price of Leading the Nation’s Environmental Regulations
Panel IV: Nurturing Innovation to Revive California’s Economy

September 22, 2014: Chapman Dialogue featuring Tom Goldstein, Supreme Court litigator and co-founder SCOTUSblog
Perspectives on Finding Your Niche and Personalizing Your Path in Law

May 23, 2014
Class of 2014 Commencement Ceremony

April 10, 2014: Chapman Dialogue featuring Laura Underkuffler, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and J. DuPratt White Professor of Law, Cornell University Law School
Captured by Evil?: Markets, Morals, and the Rule of Law

April 3, 2014: Chapman Dialogue featuring Gillian Lester, Acting Dean and Alexander F. and May T. Morrison Professor of Law, Werner and Mimi Wolfen Research Professor, Berkeley Law School, University of California
Paradoxical Preferences on Social Spending and Taxes: Implications for Regulatory Design

March 25, 2014: Chapman Dialogue featuring Alexander M. Capron, University Professor, Scott H. Bice Chair in Healthcare Law, Policy and Ethics, Professor of Law and Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, Co-Director, Pacific Center for Health Policy and Ethics at University of Southern California Gould School of Law
Should We Lift the Ban on Buying and Selling Human Organs for Transplantation?

March 14, 2014: Chapman Law Review Symposium: Business Tax Reform: Emerging Issues in the Taxation of U.S. Entities (MCLE 6 hours)
Panel I: Specific Tax Issues Affecting the Business World: The Policies and Reasons Behind Certain Laws 
Panel II: Pass-Through Entity Reform: Is a Major Overhaul Necessary?
Keynote: Professor Edward D. Kleinbard, Professor of Law, University of Southern California Gould School of Law
Panel III: How Federal Business Tax Reform Affects State and Local Tax
Panel IV: Corporate Tax Reform: How to Tax Multinational Corporations

February 7, 2014: Entertainment & Sports Law Symposium: Where Sports and the Law Collide: Understanding the Legal Climate of the Sports Industry (MCLE 6 hours)
Panel I: How Legal Skills Translate into Sports Agency
Keynote: David Meltzer, CEO, Sports 1 Marketing: Warren Moon Enterprises
Panel II: Contemporary Developments in Athlete Employment Law
Panel III: Legal Issues Facing Today’s General Counsels in the Sports Industry

January 27, 2014: Chapman Dialogue featuring Robert M. Chesney, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Charles I. Francis Professor in Law, University of Texas at Austin School of Law
War Powers Without War? The Surprisingly Slim Legal Significance of the Armed-Conflict Model of Counterterrorism


November 11, 2013: Chapman Dialogue featuring Douglas J. Sylvester, Dean, Professor of Law and Faculty Fellow, Center for Law, Science & Innovation at Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
The Role of Law Schools after the JD

November 7, 2013: Kelly O'Donnell Presentation
Canon Law and its Intersection with Secular Law

November 4, 2013: Gregory Gordon Presentation
The Forgotten Nuremberg Hate Speech Case: Otto Dietrich and the Future of Persecution Law.

October 23, 2013: Chapman Dialogue featuring Kenneth Feinberg, Founder and Managing Partner, Feinberg Rosen, LLP
Unconventional Responses to Unique Catastrophes:  Tailoring the Law to Meet the Challenges

October 11, 2013: Nexus Journal Symposium: Privacy and the Internet: Is the Law Adapting as Fast as We Are? The Legal Implications of Technological Advancements (MCLE 6 hours)
Opening Keynote: Facing The Digital Dilemma: How Fast-Moving Technology is Changing The Nature of Crime and Shifting The Legal Landscape
Panel I: The Criminal Implications of Technological Advancements
Lunch Keynote: Privacy and Cybersecurity for the Enterprise
Panel II: Constitutional Issues with the Internet and Technology
Panel III: Balancing Privacy Rights within the Workplace

October 8, 2013: Chapman Dialogue featuring Trevor Potter, Partner, Caplin & Drysdale, Washington, D.C.
Representing Exceptional Clients in Election Law Cases

February 1, 2013: Chapman Law Review Symposium: The Future of Law, Business, and Legal Education: How to Prepare Students to Meet Corporate Needs (MCLE 6 hours)
Panel I: Can Law Schools Prepare Students to be Practice Ready?
Panel II: Finding a Better Way to Teach
Keynote Dialogue
Panel III: How to Prepare Students to Meet Corporate Needs
Panel IV: Changing the Curriculum to Keep Pace With Technology
Panel V: Are you Entertained Yet?: How Legal Education Reform Has Met the Needs of the Ever-changing Entertainment Industry


November 13, 2012: Chapman Dialogue featuring David Scheffer, Mayer Brown/Robert A. Helman Professor of Law and Director of the Center for International Human Rights, Northwestern University School of Law
Chasing Leadership Impunity: The Rapid Evolution of International Criminal Law

October 19, 2012: Nexus Journal Symposium: HEALTHY DECISION OR UNHEALTHY OVERSIGHT?: A Legal Debate On The Affordable Care Act and the Impact of the Supreme Court’s Recent Decision (MCLE 7 hours)
Opening Keynote Presentation: The Triple Aim Challenge: Better Health, Better Care, Lower Cost, Diana S. Dooley, Secretary, California Health and Human Services Agency
Panel I: Constitutional Issues and Future Litigation Around the ACA
Chapman Dialogue Keynote Speaker: After Obamacare: Lessons of the VA for Health Care Reform, Phillip Longman, Senior Research Fellow, New American Foundation
Panel II: Practical Implications: How The ACA will Affect Key Players in Health Care
Panel III: ACA's Effects on Expansion of Care to the Uninsured

May 18, 2012
Class of 2012 Commencement Ceremony

March 21, 2012 (MCLE 1 hour)
How to Manage Client Expectations and Collect Fees

March 15, 2012: Chapman Dialogue featuring Peter H. Schuck, Simeon E. Baldwin Professor Emeritus of Law and Professor (Adjunct) of Law, Yale Law School
Immigration Policy: Myths and Realities

March 7, 2012: Karyl Ketchum
The GLAD Project

February 17, 2012: Ernesto Hernandez-Lopez, Professor of Law, Chapman University School of Law
Los Angeles Taco Truck Wars (2008-09) 


December 2, 2011: Chapman Dialogue featuring Walter E. Dellinger lll, the Douglas B. Maggs Professor Emeritus of Law at Duke University School of Law
Lincoln, King and Mendez: The Quest for American Equality

November 29, 2011: Chapman Dialogue featuring Catharine A. MacKinnon, Elizabeth A. Long Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School
Trafficking, Prostitution and Inequality

November 4, 2011: Nexus Journal Symposium: FOOD FIGHT! The Legal Debate over the Obesity Epidemic, Food Labeling, and the Government's Involvement in What You Eat
Panel 1: Framing the Issues: Obesity & Food Regulations
Keynote Lunch: Food Fight! Our Food Choices & Who's Making Them
Panel 2: Agricultural Policy & the Role of Direct Farm Businesses
Panel 3: Obesity's Weighty Questions: The Government, Lawyers & Your Health

November 3, 2011
Faithful and Queer: The Role of Progressive Faith Communities in Promoting Civil Rights

October 27, 2011: Chapman Dialogue with Adrien K. Wing, Bessie Dutton Murray Professor, University of Iowa of College of Law, and Bette and Wylie Aitken Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, Chapman University Fowler School of Law
After the Last Judgment: The Future of Middle East Constitutionalism 

September 23, 2011: Laura Rothstein, Professor of Law and Distinguished University Scholar, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville
Disability Policy in Education Settings: The Eisenhower Highway System as a Roadmap

September 16, 2011: Gabriel "Jack" Chin, Professor of Law, UC Davis School of Law
Civil Death in the Regulatory State

May 20, 2011
Class of 2011 Fowler School of Law Commencement Ceremony

March 23, 2011: Chapman Dialogue Featuring Marisa Cianciarulo, Fowler School of Law Professor
Immigration Controversies: The Birthright Citizenship Debate

March 16, 2011: Chapman Dialogue Featuring Eugene Volokh, Gary T. Schwartz Professor of Law, UCLA Law School
The Mechanisms of the Slippery Slope

March 7, 2011
Advising Your Clients Under the New Estate and Gift Tax Law

February 21, 2011: Chapman Dialogue Featuring Martin James McMahon, Jr., Stephen C. O'Connell Professor of Law, University of Florida Frederic G. Levin College of Law
Taxing Tax Expenditures

January 28, 2011: Chapman Law Review Symposium: From Wall Street to Main Street: The Future of Financial Regulation (schedule)
Into the Bog: An Introduction to Dodd-Frank
Congress Punts; Administrative Agencies Receive; Welcome to a Decade of Rule Making
The Return of the Rating Agencies: Rerun or Redemption
Who's the Boss? Re-writing the Rules of Corporate Governance

January 28, 2011: Chapman Dialogue featuring Steven L. Schwarcz, Stanley A. Star Professor of Law & Business, Duke University School of Law
Ex Ante Versus Ex Post Financial Regulations

January 12, 2011: Chapman Dialogue featuring Katherine M. Franke, Professor of Law, Director of Center for Gender and Sexuality Law, Columbia Law School
Dignifying Rights: Reflections on the Same-Sex Marriage Litigation


November 18, 2010: Chapman Dialogue featuring Michael A. Perino, Dean George W. Matheson Professor of Law, St. John's University School of Law
The Hellhound of Wall Street: How Ferdinand Pecora's Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed American Finance

October 22, 2010: Nexus Symposium: Citizens Divided on Citizens United: Campaign Finance Reform and the First Amendment
The New Role of Corporations in American Elections

Disclaimer and Disclosure Provisions in the Post-Citizens United Era
Keynote Presentation: The Impact of Citizens United on the November 2010 Election
Prudent Jurisprudence; Doctrines of Judicial Restraint and the Theoretical Underpinnings of Campaign Finance Reform Law

October 6, 2010: Chapman Dialogue featuring Jindal Global Law School Dean C. Raj Kumar
Establishing India's First Global Law School: Institution Building for Nation Building

October 4, 2010: Chapman Dialogue featuring Professor June Carbone
Reflections on Red Families v. Blue Families

May 21, 2010
Class of 2010 Commencement Ceremony

April 21-23, 2010: Beyond Copenhagen, An International Conference on Climate Change

Wednesday, April 21

3:30-5:30 p.m.
Speaker: Dr. Paul Chan Climate Science Primer: "Climate Change and its Skeptics"

Thursday, April 22

9:10-9:30 a.m.
Speaker: Dr. Ghassem Asrar

9:45-10:15 a.m.
Speaker: Dr. Jane Long

10:30-11:45 a.m.
Food & Water Panel

Moderator: Dr. Anuradha Prakash
Panelists: Mr. Robert Goodland, Honorable A.G. Kawamura, Dr. Ruben Morawicki, Dr. Soroosh Sorooshian, Dr. Christopher Weber

12-1:30 p.m.
Professional Lunch and Speaker: Mr. Pierre-Andre Senizergues

1:45-2:15 p.m.
Speaker: Dr. Randy Friedl

2:30-3 p.m.
Speaker: Dr. Fotis C. Kafatos

3:15-4:15 p.m.
Health Panel

Moderator: Dr. Larry Santora
Panelists: Dr. William K. Lau, Dr. William Sprigg, Ms. Jill Whynot, Dr. Lewis Ziska

4:30-6 p.m.
Climate Discussion

Moderator: Dean Menas Kafatos
Discussants: Dr. Robert Bishop, Dr. Tom Campion, Mr. Joel Kotkin,Dr. Berrien Moore, Dr. Edward Wegman

Friday, April 23

9:10-10-15 a.m.
International Law Panel

Moderator: Mr. Don Kochan
Panelists: Prof. Michael Ramsey, Prof. Amy Sinden, Dr. Jonathan Zasloff

10:30-11:45 a.m.
Physical Science, Energy & Law Pane
Moderator: Dr. Deepa Badrinarayana
Panelists: Prof. Victor Flatt, Prof. Hari Osofsky, Mr. Joshua Fershee

1:30-2:00 p.m.
Professional Lunch and Speaker: Mr. David Nahai
Speaker: Mr. Robert Sturtz

2:15-3:30 p.m.
Energy & Economy Panel

Moderator: Dr. Esmael Adibi
Panelists: Mr. Steve Bray, Dr. Frank Harris, Dr. Stephen Rassenti, Mr. Robert Rose

April 20, 2010:
2010 Madison Lecture - Reenactment of Fletcher v. Peck

February 5, 2010: Southern California Transit Forum: The Transit Funding Crisis: Getting From Here to There
Morning Session
Lunch Session
Afternoon Session

January 29, 2010: Chapman Law Review Symposium: Drug War Madness: Policies, Borders & Corruption
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

Keynote Lunch with Michael Chertoff


November 19, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Jesse H. Choper, Earl Warren Professor of Public Law, University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law
The Future of the Supreme Court -- Liberal or Conservative and What That Really Means.

October 30, 2009: Nexus Journal Symposium: The 80th Anniversary of the Great Crash of 1929: Law, Markets and the Role of the State, with Keynote Presentations by Tom Campbell and Timothy Canova.
Economic & Regulatory Landscape in the Aftermath of the Great Depression
Federal Financial Regulatory Reform
Practical and Theoretical Implications of Public Sector Financial Reform
Keynote Presentation: Impact of the Recession on California & the Local Economy

October 20, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Rachel F. Moran
Transformative Law.

October 08, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Lino A. Graglia
The Seattle School Case Paradox: How can Race Discrimination be Constitutionally Required One Day and Constitutionally Prohibited the Next?

September 24, 2009
Battle of the Deans, Eastman vs. Chemerinsky

August 28, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Eric S. Janus, President and Dean, William Mitchell College of Law"Preventative Detention: Sex Abusers and Terrorists

August 7, 2009: Chapman Journal of Criminal Justice Symposium: Specialty Courts in Criminal Justice: Challenges and Opportunities, with Keynote Presentation by Honorable Peggy Hora
Therapeutic Jurisprudence/Drug Courts
DUI Courts
Keynote Presentation
Mental Health Courts
Domestic Violence Courts

May 22, 2009
Fowler School of Law Commencement Ceremony

April 21, 2009: Debate featuring John Yoo
Presidential Powers in Time of Crisis

April 2, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Robert A. Williams Jr.
Why the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and No One Else Voted Against the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Rights: The 'Implementation Gap' in the English Common Law Settler States.

March 26, 2009: Climate Change Symposium
View Part 1
View Part 2
View Part 3

March 20, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Laura Gomez
Manifest Destinies: The Making of the Mexican American Race.

March 13, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Nadine Strossen
Conversation on Constitutional Civil Liberties.

February 27, 2009: Nexus Journal Symposium: "Judicial Activism: Same Sex Marriage and the Aftermath of Proposition 8."
View Part 1
View Part 2

February 26, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Stephen Zamora
Amending NAFTA.

February 23, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Richard Epstein
Positive Rights in a World of Scarcity.

February 13, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Dale Whitman
Why the Mortgage Market Crashed and What Can Be Done About It.

February 10, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Albie Sachs
Light on a Hill: The Constitutional Court of South Africa

January 30, 2009: Chapman Law Review Symposium, Lincoln's Constitutionalism in Time of War: Lessons for the Current War on Terror?
View Panel 1
View Panel 2
View Panel 3

January 16, 2009: Chapman Dialogue with Irwin P. Stotzky
Immigration Reform: What's Next?


December 4, 2008: Chapman Dialogue with Samuel C. Thompson, Jr.
Ten Building Blocks of Mergers & Acquisitions Resulting from the Credit Crisis: Humongous Sharks Acquiring Other Humongous Sharks
  (1 Hr. MCLE)

November 24, 2008: Chapman Dialogue featuring Professor Katherine Darmer
Prop 8 Passed: What's Next?

November 7, 2008: Chapman Dialogue with Ronald Cass
Is the Sky Really Falling?: The Election, the Courts, and Financial Regulation (1 Hr. MCLE)

October 28, 2008: Chapman Dialogue with James Galbraith
What is the Predator State? (1 Hr. MCLE)

October 24, 2008: Prop 8 Symposium with Keynote Speaker, David Allen White. (1 Hr. MCLE)
View Morning Session
View Keynote Address
View Afternoon Session

October 21, 2008: Chapman Dialogue with Kristine Knaplund
The Right to Privacy and America's Aging Population

October 4, 2008: Chapman Dialogue with Richard Falk: Debating International Law Since 9/11: Principled and Pragmatic Controversies
View webcast of Lecture
View webcast of Q&A

August 6, 2008: Journal of Criminal Justice Symposium: Evidence-Based Sentencing: The New Frontier in Sentencing Policy and Practice
Morning Session
Afternoon Session

April 15, 2008: Chapman Dialogue with Kenneth Starr, Duane and Kelly Roberts Dean and Professor of Law Pepperdine University School of Law; Laurie L. Levenson, Professor of Law, William M. Rains Fellow and Director of the Center for Ethical Advocacy
Independence of the Attorney General

March 24, 2008: Charles Fried, Beneficial Professor of Law, Harvard University Law School
Torture, Lies and Secrecy: Presidential Power in Time of War (1 Hr. MCLE)

March 20, 2008: William N. Eskridge, Jr., John A. Garver Professor of Jurisprudence, Yale University Law School
Same-Sex Marriage

March 19, 2008: Akhil Amar, Southmayd Professor of Law and Political Science, Yale University Law School
Presidential Elections Over the Centuries: Formal Amendments and Information Adaptations

March 3-4, 2008: Brookings Judicial Symposium: Critical Issues in Construction Defects Litigation
View webcast (day 1)
View webcast (day 2)

February 22, 2008: Gerald Torres, Bryant Smith Chair in Law, University of Texas School of Law, with Lani Guinier, Bennett Boskey Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Social Movements and the Ethical Construction of Law

February 19, 2008: Edward McCaffrey, Robert C. Packard Trustee Chair in Law, and Professor of Law, Economics and Political Science, University of Southern California Gould School of Law
Unified Theory of Tax and Property (1 Hr. MCLE)

February 15, 2008: Dr. Vernon Smith, Chapman University Fowler School of Law
Combinatorial Auctions

February 8, 2008: Chapman Law Review Symposium: Publicity Rights in Bytes: Contemporary Issues in Entertainment & Sports Law.
Morning Session
Afternoon Session

Find out more about this symposium


November 27, 2007: Professor Ann Southworth, Case Western Reserve School of Law
Righting the Profession and Professionalizing the Right: Lawyers of the American Conservative Coalition (1 Hr. MCLE)

November 19, 2007: Professor Lynn A. Stout, UCLA School of Law
The Role of Ethics & Morality in Capitalist Economies (1 Hr. MCLE) 

November 8, 2007: Professor Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School
What the Constitution Says About the Second Amendment & Why It Won't End the Battle Over Guns (1 Hr. MCLE) 

October 19, 2007: Professor Arnold H. Loewy, Texas Tech University School of Law
Debate with Dean John Eastman on the Incorporation Doctrine & the Establishment Clause

October 16, 2007: David B. Rivkin, Jr., Baker Hostetler, Washington D.C. Debate with Chapman Professor Katherine Darmer on Guantanamo Bay
Rule of Law or Rules of War?

September 21, 2007:  Associate Dean Kevin R. Johnson, University of California at Davis School of Law 
Opening the Flood Gates: Why America Needs to Rethink Its Borders and Immigration Laws


August 29, 2005: Madison Lecture and Lochner v. State of New York Reenactment, with Special guests U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice, Antonin Scalia and California Attorney General, Bill Lockyer.

Lochner v. New York Webcast: U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia visited Chapman University on Monday, August 29, 2005 to take part in a reenactment of the oral argument in the landmark 1905 case. He was joined by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer and Chapman law students, faculty and alumni for the historical reenactment.