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Together, We're Stronger

A partnership with Chapman University through Fowler School of Engineering is more than just a business arrangement - it’s your opportunity to enrich education and connect with innovative faculty and initiatives. 

Partners connect with Fowler by: 

  • Providing internships for our students
  • Building scholarships to support worthy, talented students
  • Connect or collaborate with faculty on research initiatives
  • Mentor a Grand Challenges Initiative student team
  • Gain talent at networking events and job fairs

Together, we can build a better future with and for each other.

Research Partnerships

Tap into the groundbreaking research taking place at Fowler and explore opportunities to collaborate with our interdisciplinary programs, from machine learning to cybersecurity to assistive technologies and the Internet of Things.

At Chapman, we eliminate barriers to intellectual exploration and give our undergraduate and graduate students alike active roles in faculty research and independent projects. 

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Grand Challenges and Industry Partners

The Grand Challenges Initiative is an interdisciplinary, student-driven part of every science and engineering student’s curriculum that allows them to tackle issues that fascinate and perplex us, building critical research skills over a two-year timeline.

Your partnership with GCI can inspire our students and their research through:

  • External team mentors
  • Grand challenge topic proposals
  • Guest speakers
  • Poster session/pitch session judges
  • Career exploration speakers/advisors
  • Potential internship sponsors

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Rae Ross '21

“The Grand Challenges Initiative is preparing me for my future career. It gives a lot more hands-on experience -- it’s one of the best ways that we can learn because it is comparable to what we’ll do in the workplace.” 

- Rae Ross '21