» Mohamed Allali, Ph.D.

christopherboyd-thumbnail.jpegAssociate Professor, Fowler School of Engineering

Email: allali@chapman.edu


1996 - 2000

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, University of Oklahoma (Mentors: Prof. Victor DeBrunner and Prof. Tomasz Przebinda)

1994 - 1996

M.A. in Mathematics, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma (Mentor: Prof. Tomasz Przebinda)

1991 - 1994

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Dept. of EE, University of Oklahoma (Mentor: Prof. Victor DeBrunner)


Dr. Allali’s research and teaching interests are focused on the theory and applications of wavelets including compressing images, detecting transient patterns and singularities, estimating signals of complex structures from noisy measurements, and multiscale dynamic modeling and forecasting of time series. Specific projects under investigation include image inpainting, developing a quantitative scoring system that can accurately predict tumor behavior and dictate treatment policies based solely on biopsy slide images, climate data analysis, detecting abrupt changes in signals, and enhancing the teaching of digital image processing and linear algebra through interdisciplinary, technology-based course materials.