» Elia Eiroa Lledo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Fowler School of EngineeringElia Eiroa Lledo



Ph.D. Computational and Data Science, Chapman University


M.S. in Computational and Data Science, Chapman University                            


B.S. in Computer Information Systems, Chapman University


Dr. Eiroa Lledo’s research interests include supervised and unsupervised machine learning applications to study behavioral data across many areas. Her doctoral thesis focused on studying the behaviors of software developers and how the same affects productivity and efficiency. She is also interested in studying body image, autism spectrum disorder, and existing biases toward minorities in positions of power.

As a professor, Eiroa Lledo’s strategy and philosophy have remained consistent throughout her career; her priority is to provide a rigorous yet safe learning environment where students with different backgrounds can realize their full potential. In her classes, she favors group work and fosters a compassionate and encouraging classroom culture.