» Daniel Aron Alpay, Ph.D.

Daniel Alpay, Ph.D.Professor, Foster G. and Mary McGaw Professorship in Mathematical Sciences,
Schmid College of Science and Technology
Email: alpay@chapman.edu


1980 - 1986

Ph.D. Dept. of Theoretical Mathematics, Weizmann Institue of Sciences, Rehovot, Israel (Mentor: Prof. Harry Dym)

1978 - 1980

MSc, Dept. of Theoretical Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Rehovot, Israel (Mentor: Prof. Harry Dym)

1975 - 1978

Electrical Engineering Degree, ‘Ecole Nationale Sup’erieure des T’el’ecommunications, Paris, France



Present Professor, Chapman University

1997 - 2016

Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel (incubent of the Earl-Katz family chair in algebraic system theory, 2006-2016)


An important part of Daniel Alpay’s research and teaching interests are at the interface between theoretical mathematics and signal processing and physics. At Chapman University he taught in particular courses on information theory, statistical physics, and will be teaching a course on wavelets. His first degree in electrical engineering allowed him to find a common language with engineering students along the years (he developed a electrical-mathematical dual major program at Ben-Gurion University). His recent research works include a study of new aspects of the Grassmann algebra, the latter being an important concept in quantum mechanics, and new results in the theory of super-oscillations.