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Fowler School of Engineering

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Convergent problem solving is the key process through which solutions are developed for complex interdisciplinary challenges. As a Fowler engineering student, you will be empowered to use those problem solving skills to develop innovative solutions to the most vexing problems facing the world today — all while working side by side with students from across the entirety of Chapman’s campus.

We ask our students to start building tomorrow’s solutions from your very first day on campus, positioning you to be a thought leader and innovator throughout your career.

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Dynamic, Rapidly Evolving Curricula

The world is changing at a breakneck pace, which stands in stark contrast to traditionally slow-moving academic curricula. To educate students capable of tackling the most outlandish and difficult challenges we face, Fowler Engineering must change as quickly as the world around it.

With an initial focus on degree programs in the rapidly evolving areas of computing, data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and robotics, our faculty are dedicated to creating experiences that provide a rigorous, modern knowledge base that prepares our students for the most complex technical challenges. We will pair that deep, disciplinary learning with the modern, industry-standard technical tools required to create innovators and workforce leaders.

Most importantly, our strong external partnerships, including those enabled by students and faculty embedded in industry through internships and collaborations, will provide real-time insight into the current and future needs of those industries. Everything we do in Fowler Engineering will be designed to dynamically meet changing needs, producing innovative students poised to make a lasting impact on the world around them.

Collaborative Problem Solving Across Disciplines

Living in a highly interconnected world, even local problems have global connections and implications. We are faced with a future that demands innovation in areas such as healthcare, energy, transportation, cybersecurity, automation and sustainability — and our students recognize that purely technological solutions do not exist for these and other global challenges.

It is vital for disciplines to work together on issues and identify approaches that merge engineering innovation, scientific discovery and socio-economic analysis. Chapman has developed a one-of-a-kind educational program to address these modern needs: The Grand Challenges Initiative (GCI). This highly successful program immerses every one of our students in an interdisciplinary team-based environment at the very beginning of their Chapman experience.

Opportunities to Work with Faculty and Break Down Barriers

As our students emerge from their GCI experience, they will find a wealth of opportunities to engage in research alongside our outstanding faculty. As with our students, Fowler faculty lead research initiatives that move us towards solutions for complex societal issues — focusing on the public good as they Engineer the Impossible.

The Fowler School of Engineering will foster an environment of creativity and achievement that is unprecedented in its openness and flexibility — eliminating barriers that would otherwise limit us to incremental advancements, allowing our world-class faculty to think big as they pursue their research agendas side-by-side with our ambitious students.