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» Minor in Game Development Programming

By combining our disciplines in computer science, art, and design across multiple departments, including the Fowler School of Engineering and the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, we are able to offer students a variety of ways to forge career paths to the game development industry. To prepare for these careers, students are encouraged to combine their chosen majors with a minor in game development. Examples include:

  • Game Art & Animation: Students may combine a degree in traditional or digital art for career paths such as concept artist, technical artist, modeler or animator
  • Game Design: Students enrolled in art, digital art, or our creative writing program may pursue this field for career paths such as designer, narrative designer or level designer
  • Game Production: Students who pursue game development from a managerial position combining business or film production to lead development teams.
  • Game Programming: Students enrolled in computer science, software engineering, or data analytics are prepared to develop the systems that bring games to life.

Industry Designed Curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed in consultation with our advisory board of industry professionals from companies including Blizzard, Sony, inXile and Obsidian. Based on their feedback, students completing our curriculum are better prepared than students in other programs and fulfill their need to be able to hire college graduates who will become productive in their companies without extensive retraining.

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Degree Requirements

Students interested in game development may choose to take the Game Development Cluster to fulfill their Inter/Multidisciplinary Cluster General Education requirement or they may choose the Minor in Game Development Programming.

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