headshot photo of Dr. Patricia C. Lopes

Dr. Patricia C. Lopes

Assistant Professor
Schmid College of Science and Technology; Biological Sciences
Expertise: Behavior; Sociality; Physiology; Neuroendocrinology; RFID; Disease
Office Location: Keck Center for Science and Engineering 264
Phone: 714) 516-5882
University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D.


Research Interests

Dr. Lopes is interested in understanding the causes and consequences of animal social behavior, with an emphasis on disease transmission. Her research integrates several levels of biological organization, including genes, hormones, the brain, the individual, and ultimately the dynamics of a whole social group. In her work, Dr. Lopes combines field and laboratory manipulations, and makes use of behavioral sensors and tracking technology, as well as a range of molecular and histological techniques.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Can Peripheral Immunity of Healthy Animals Affect Social Behavior? M Kindel, B Konig, PC Lopes INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY 59, E348-E348
Why do We Feel Sick When Infected? PC Lopes INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY 59, E140-E140