headshot photo of John Chichester

John Chichester

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Expertise: Production Design Feature Films; Production Design TV
Office Location: Chapman Studios West 142
Phone: (714) 516-5451
San Francisco State University, Bachelor of Arts
New York University, Master of Fine Arts


If you have gone to the movies a couple of times in the last twenty years you have seen his work; his Set Designs on “Get him to the Greek” or “Star Trek: Nemesis”, his Art Direction on “Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides” or “House Bunny”, his Production Designs on the acclaimed dramatic Television series “American Family” or the gritty independent film “Prey for Rock and Roll”. Chichester’s professional career as a Designer for Motion Pictures spans the last twenty years, “Tropic Thunder” and “Team America” are but two of his favorites. It is an exciting time for Production Design in filmmaking, the possibilities of Production Design are ever expanding and constantly being redefined by our society and technological innovation, and yet with this constant change, the basic approach will always remain the same: telling a good story in the best way possible. Chichester’s goals in teaching: to impart to the students the foundation of esthetic and practical knowledge to launch a professional career in Production Design, to enable them to make the bold strong choices needed in design for films today.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Celebration of historic resident of South Pasadena and author, Upton Sinclair's run for the Governor of California in 1936.
Nomination for an Art Directors Guild Outstanding Achievement Award in Production Design for my contributions to the paramount feature film: STAR TREK, INTO DARKNESS.