headshot photo of Jay Boylan

Jay Boylan

Professor Emeritus of Film and Media Arts
Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts


From Indians to archeology to economics, Jay Boylan turns his camera on the real world with the aim to illuminate. A specialist in studio and field television production, Boylan takes video out into the world, where real people look for answers to the challenges facing the frail elderly or work to preserve the history of early California in the mission city of San Juan Capistrano. Additionally, as co-producer of the PBS-broadcast show Dialogue with Jim Doti, he helped Chapman University’s president, Dr. Jim Doti, explore a number of local issues.

With an M.A. in Media Communications from Governors State University in Illinois, Boylan is committed to making video a voice which reverberates beyond the limited confines of commercial TV. Thus he continues to seek out—and relish—trips to remote parts of the world such as Nepal, and Poland, where he shot Testimony of Triumph, a documentary about a Holocaust survivor who hid from the Nazis for three years.