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The research laboratories and core facilities (18,200 sq. ft.) are located on the 2nd floor of 9501 Jeronimo Road in Irvine. The facilities include space for dedicated tissue cultures, NMR, microscopy, structural biology, autoclave, and procedure and environmental rooms.

Formal courses for students on laboratory instrumentation and techniques are taught by the Core Facility Manager. Both basic and advanced analytical instrumentation required for biomedical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological research are available for shared usage. Facility services are available to private companies on a fee-for-service basis.


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Analytical Core Facility

The CUSP Analytical Core Facility, established in 2015, is located at Chapman University School of Pharmacy, the first School of Pharmacy in Orange County, California. The facility is equipped with both basic and advanced analytical instrumentations required in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological research. The facility provides research and training support to researchers from Chapman University and other academic/non-profit institutions and private companies.

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NMR Core Facility

Welcome to the NMR Research Core Facility of the School of Pharmacy at the Chapman University. We offer various services to researchers from Chapman University and external users. We can provide training and advise researchers on how to use NMR spectrometers efficiently. We also can run experiments requested by users.

Fee: Researchers and students of Chapman University have reduced base rates as specified below.  Spectrometer.

For outside users, current base rates are $20/proton and $50/carbon experiment (tube and solvent included.

Our facility is equipped with a 400 MHz Bruker NMR spectrometer.

  • 5 mm broadband observe (BBO) probe:
    • 1H (outer coil); 15N-31P and 19F (inner coil).
  • Prodigy broadband observes CryoProbeTM:
    • 1H/19F (outer coil); 15N-31P (inner coil).
  • Z-axis pulsed field gradient capability.
  • Autosampler for automated analysis of up to 24 samples.

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