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» Pharmacy Summer Research Program for High School Students

The Summer Research Program is carefully designed to give participants an edge when applying to college. It provides hands-on experience in the pharmacy research arena while still in high school, with unique exposure to research methods, lab equipment, and technology that real pharmaceutical scientists use. 

In the program, you will:

  • Get familiar with all the latest policies and practices in pharmacy
  • Practice evidence-based medicine
  • Join a small-cohort group to get personalized guidance 
  • Work with a faculty advisor to complete a research project
  • Meet current Chapman Pharmacy students to learn about their journeys in pharmacy
  • Learn how to write a research report and evaluate scientific literature critically
  • Practice presenting your findings in a professional setting
  • Receive a certificate of completion
  • Letter of reference from the Chapman faculty (upon request)

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Participant, 2022
"I had the chance to observe numerous aspects of research and pharmacy practices, from utilizing boolean search operators on databases to comprehending the essentiality of pharmacists in travel health services... Chapman Faculty participating in this program were extremely welcoming and helpful and offered me terrific career and research advice."
Participant, 2022
"I felt comfortable asking questions and making comments. It was a welcoming environment, I genuinely enjoyed learning and putting effort into the presentation. This program taught me a lot of things I had never heard of before. Everyone, the students and the faculty advisors, were all very nice. The program's pacing was perfect."
Participant, 2022
"This has been such an informative, fun, and collaborative program to do over the summer... I am so grateful to have completed it. I really appreciate all the accommodations Chapman and Dr. Montazeri have arranged for me, you have really helped me encapsulate the essence and purpose behind pharmacy and given me the most of this experience."
Dr. Laressa Bethishou with participant
Dr. Laressa Bethishou with participant
Dr. Reza Taheri with participant
Dr. Reza Taheri with participant
Dr. Karl Hess with participant
Dr. Karl Hess with participant
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Dr. Hamid Montazeri
Director of Summer Program and Associate Professor

Dr. Montazeri’s research is focused on delivery systems and RNA interference via small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and CRISPR/Cas9. Regarding delivery systems, recent efforts in his project have shown efficient silencing of specific proteins in different human breast cancer cell lines. For further background, visit Dr. Montazeri's faculty profile