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Chapman-Amgen Fellowship Alumni

photo of Eline Kocharyan, PharmD

Eline Kocharyan, PharmD

2022-2023 Chapman-Amgen Oncology Medical Affairs Fellow
"The CUSP-Amgen Oncology Medical Affairs Fellowship offers a unique combination of real-time interdisciplinary patient care, pharmaceutical industry training, and academic teaching experiences. During the initial portion of the program, the fellow participates in real-time oncology practice alongside a multidisciplinary patient care team including oncologists, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and more. The fellow concurrently gains direct teaching, research, and precepting experiences in both academic and industry settings. These opportunities provide important clinical and professional insights that translate into the industry-focused work at Amgen, which includes training in Medical Affairs and elective functional rotations. My mentors in these various training settings integrated me as a valuable member of their teams, while ensuring the program aligned with my professional and personal career goals. The culmination of these valuable experiences poises the fellow for a successful career in the biopharmaceutical industry."
photo of Jessica Pham, PharmD

Jessica Pham, PharmD

2021-2023 Chapman-Amgen Oncology Medical Affairs Fellow
"The goal of this program is to equip the fellow with a diverse skillset to excel in the pharmaceutical industry by providing clinical exposure, teaching opportunities, and extensive experiences in Medical Affairs. By collaborating alongside healthcare providers and academic scholars, I gained a deeper understanding and kept abreast of changes in the constantly evolving fields of hematology and oncology. This allowed me to develop a strong foundation of knowledge that can be translated to the roles and responsibilities of Medical Affairs. The rotational-based training at Amgen built upon my therapeutic knowledge and core competencies by contributing to meaningful projects for a robust drug portfolio. The program emphasized instilling a strong balance of autonomy to lead high-yield projects while also receiving support from my team members. With the guidance of the program directors and preceptors, I was able to tailor my experiences and pursue opportunities to help reach my professional and personal goals. Since the beginning, my mentors and colleagues were wholly devoted to my professional growth, ensuring that I continued to develop and refine skills that will be embedded in me throughout my career."
photo of Nazgol Emami, PharmD, MBA

Nazgol Emami, PharmD, MBA

2020-2022 Chapman-Amgen Oncology Medical Affairs Fellow
“Knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to pursue a post-PharmD fellowship program to further broaden my training in medical affairs. The unique structure of the Chapman-Amgen fellowship program is what solidified my interest in pursuing the position. This fellowship allowed me to explore and experience various roles in medical affairs. Throughout the program, I worked with brilliant individuals and was a part of wonderful teams. My mentors were always there to support me every step of the way as well. Looking back, I know that I certainly made the right decision in choosing this fellowship program.”
photo of Priya Patel, PharmD

Priya Patel, PharmD

2019-2021 Chapman-Amgen Oncology Medical Affairs Fellow
"The Chapman-Amgen Oncology Medical Affairs Fellowship is a unique training experience consisting of exposure to clinical hematology/oncology, opportunities for teaching and student mentorship, as well as a breadth of rotations across multiple functional areas at Amgen. It provides the ideal balance between structure and flexibility, while catering to each individual fellow’s interests. The program directors and preceptors were truly invested in equipping me with the tools needed for my career development and utilized a hands-on approach to create beneficial learning opportunities. My experiences have helped build a solid foundation for a rewarding career in the biopharmaceutical industry. I am honored to be the inaugural Chapman-Amgen fellow and I eagerly anticipate the success of those to follow."

Chapman-SCAN-Providence Residency Alumni

photo of Farida Mossaad, PharmD

Farida Mossaad, PharmD

2022-2023 Chapman University/SCAN/Providence PGY-1 Managed Care Resident
Dr. Mossaad graduated from Chapman University School of Pharmacy with her Pharm.D. in 2020. She then went on to complete a residency with PrescribeWellness before joining the Chapman-SCAN-Providence PGY1 Managed Care Pharmacy Residency Program as its second resident. Throughout her residency, Dr. Mossaad gained experiences in many different facets of managed care including but not limited to Experience & Access, Formulary Management and Care Management. In addition to those experience, Farida was able to provide direct patient care through her ambulatory care clinics and specialty pharmacy elective. She also completed both a teaching certificate and a yearlong research project on the impact of Freestyle Libre on A1c reduction compared to fingerstick which was presented at the 2023 Western States conference in San Diego, CA.
photo of Heidi Lee, Pharm.D

Heidi Lee, Pharm.D

2021-2022 Chapman University/SCAN/Providence PGY-1 Managed Care Resident
Heidi Lee, PharmD., was Chapman-SCAN-Providence PGY1 Managed Care Pharmacy Residency Program’s inaugural resident. During her time in residency, Dr. Lee was exposed to the many different opportunities offered within the realm of managed care from both the health plan and health system perspectives in addition to providing direct patient care through her ambulatory care clinics and other various settings. She also completed both a teaching certificate and a yearlong research project on the impact of managed care pharmacist intervention on proton pump inhibitor deprescribing in patients with polypharmacy, which was presented at both the 2022 Western Pharmacy Exchange and Western States conferences. Since completing her residency in 2022, Dr. Lee has gone on to continue her time at SCAN Health Plan as a clinical pharmacist specifically as part of the experience and access team.