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CUSP's alumnus population grows every year and boasts hundreds of active young professionals. Alumni frequently attend CUSP receptions at industry conferences, participate in homecoming, and connect with current students as advisors. 

Some alumni choose to be part of the Alumni Advisory Board, which supports and advises the Dean on all alumni topics, internal CUSP networking opportunities, and industry connections. They emphasize strong engagement within the alumni community, strengthening student-alumni relations, and preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals. 

Why AAB?
Dr. Michael Phan, PharmD ('18), Alumni Board Emeritus Chair & Chair '20-'21
“My goal as an alumnus is to assist my peers with finding a career path that aligns with their personal career goals and lifestyle priorities. I want to foster a strong network of mentors who can share their experience and knowledge to further the successes of future CUSP alumni."
Why AAB?
Dr. Mary Ngo, PharmD, BCMTMS (‘19), Alumni Board Emeritus Chair & Chair ‘21-’22
“Strengthening student-alumni relations is super important in giving back to the profession and preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals. I aim to create a long-lasting bridge between both alumni and students through preceptorship, networking, and mentorship and bring the CUSP community closer together.”
Why AAB?
Dr. Rabka Gajiani, PharmD (‘20), Alumni Board Chair ‘22-’23, Board Vice Chair ‘21-’22
“I want to give back to CUSP by enhancing student experiences. Being a member of AAB I hope to create opportunities that strengthen the relationship between our alumni community and students, and grow our CUSP community in the years to come.”

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