» Reserves / E-Reserves

For Interterm and Spring 2021, the Leatherby Libraries will be suspending physical Course Reserves. Only electronic or digital reserves will continue to be available.

The Leatherby Libraries are encouraging faculty to submit requests for digital and electronic reserves as soon as possible. This will allow the library time to investigate whether materials are available online or can be acquired digitally. We will consult with you about alternatives, as necessary. Use the following link to find library content to use for online teaching and learning:  https://chapman.libguides.com/online_teaching/home.

Please refer to the attached flyer for additional information for required course material options for your students (this document was distributed to the faculty pre-pandemic). Please note that not all e-equivalents are available nor permitted for the library to provide for Reserves and the CU Bookstore may have additional ability and support to provide.

This policy change will be re-evaluated in the Summer 2021.