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The Leatherby Libraries adheres to the university's policies, but a few specific library policies can be found below.


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Art and Exhibits

The purpose of exhibits and art in the Leatherby Libraries is

  • to support the curriculum and research at Chapman University
  • to highlight the collections of the university community
  • to commemorate events and celebrate people
  • to complement scholarly events on campus

Committee Members

The Dean of the Libraries, the Head of Special Collections and Archives and library staff members.

Who creates exhibits and places art in the Leatherby Libraries

The committee is responsible for decisions regarding exhibit proposals, exhibit content and design, the placing of art, budgetary recommendations, and arrangements for publicity and special events. The Exhibit and Art Committee is responsible for the curation of the library exhibits. Art may be permanent or temporary and will be displayed either by the Committee or by the campus Curator of Art in conjunction with the Committee.

Duration of Exhibits

Normal duration of exhibits is two months.

Whom do I contact

To propose an exhibit or art installation in the Leatherby Libraries please call the Administrative Assistant, at (714) 532-7742.

Billing and Payments

Fees for items which are lost or damaged must be paid in a timely manner at the Circulation Desk.

All fines and fees must be paid in order for borrowing privileges to be restored, including access to Reserve and Interlibrary Loan materials.

Business Office Referrals - Students

Failure to promptly resolve these matters will result in the forwarding of unpaid debt (with an additional referral fee) to the University Business Office. Once paid at the Business Office, the student must bring a receipt to the Circulation Desk as proof of payment. Failure to pay library fines and fees referred to the Business Office may result in delays for future registration, as well as transcript holds.

Brandman University Policies


Library services are provided to Brandman University students who are currently registered and faculty/staff members who are currently teaching and/or employed by Brandman University. All materials are sent directly to the patron’s home address. Brandman University patrons are responsible for reporting changes of address, telephone number, and/or other information to ensure accuracy of the patron record. All email correspondence and requests for library services and resources must use a Chapman or Brandman University email address. Contact the Service Desk at (855)553-3007 or help@brandman.edu if you do not know your email address.

Note: The Leatherby Libraries does not ship materials to addresses outside of the United States.

Brandman University ID Card (Library Card)

The only time a Brandman University ID card, which functions as your library card, is needed is when patrons plan to visit the Leatherby Libraries in person. You must obtain your Brandman University ID Card prior to visiting the Leatherby Libraries.

Visit this page to obtain a Brandman University ID Card [Link to come]. 

Obtaining A Brandman University ID Card (Library Card)

Visit my.brandman.edu (login required) to obtain a University ID card. For further assistance, please email help@brandman.edu.

Upon receipt of your Brandman University ID Card, it is required that you contact the Brandman University Library Assistant at (800) 344-5756 Ext. 1 to ensure your library account is active before visiting the library in person. The Brandman Library Assistant is available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

A Brandman University ID card must be presented in order for any Circulation transaction to be performed. No substitutes will be accepted.

Lending Period for Brandman Students & Adjunct Faculty

  • Books from the Leatherby Libraries will not be loaned by mail two weeks prior to the end of the term.
  • Article requests will not be processed three days prior to the end of the term.
  • Interlibrary loans will not be processed three weeks prior to the end of the term.

Brandman University Staff, Administrators, and Full-Time Faculty are excluded from the above policy.

Please note that you must be enrolled or currently employed in the next term to request items beyond the dates above. To request items after the dates noted above, before submitting an interlibrary loan request, please contact the Brandman Library Assistant at (800) 344-5756 Ext. 1.

These lending dates will not apply during the Leatherby Libraries winter closure.


Brandman University patrons are responsible both physically and financially for all items checked out on their card. Brandman University patrons are responsible for all fines, fees, replacement costs and charges which may result from overdue returns, damaged, lost, lost in transit, or stolen items, including those obtained by Interlibrary Loan. Library accounts are not transferable. It is the responsibility of the Brandman University patron to be aware of the due dates for all library materials checked out.

Request Limits on Books, Videos, and Articles

There is a combined request limit of ten items a day for books, videos, and articles located in the Chapman University Library. Some of our special collections cannot be requested. These include our Reserve Collection and McNaughton Collection or any other items that have special, shortened checkout limits that cannot be mailed.

Checkout Limits

Brandman University patrons may have up to 20 items checked out to them at any given time. Requests for materials submitted after the 20 item limit has been met will not be processed, and no additional materials will be checked out to the patron until some/all materials are returned. The checkout of audio/visual items is restricted to five items per patron at any given time. Any audio/ visual requests made after this limit has been met will not be processed. Any outstanding fines or overdue materials will prevent patrons from further borrowing. For more information, view the Library Checkout Privileges (PDF)

Renewing Books and Videos

Brandman University patrons may renew Leatherby Libraries books and videos online by logging into their library account. Or, Brandman University patrons may call Brandman University Library Services to ask for a renewal at (800) 344-5756 Ext. 1. DO NOT CALL THE LEATHERBY LIBRARIES' CIRCULATION DESK FOR RENEWALS. Only the patron who borrowed the items may request a renewal for the materials. Items may only be renewed once. Items cannot be renewed if they are overdue. Items “on hold” for another patron cannot be renewed. Items may be “recalled” by another patron and will not be renewed after a minimum use period.


Items needed for Course Reserve or requested by another patron may be recalled at any time. The due date for the recalled item will be revised to a new shorter loan period. The current borrower is assured of having the item for a minimum use period from the date of checkout, unless the book is needed for Course Reserve by a faculty member, in which case the item must be returned immediately. For each item recalled, an email notice is sent informing the borrower of the new due date. Negligence on the part of the borrower to read his or her email does not remove the responsibility to return the item by its new due date. Please note:

  • The minimum use period for books is 14 days and 3 days for all audio/visual items.
  • $2.00 overdue fine per day, per recalled item to a $10.00 maximum late fine per item.


You can place a “hold” on any item that is currently checked out to another patron. Once a hold has been placed, the item cannot be renewed, and once returned, it will be set aside for the first person who placed the hold. Holds are only available for items checked out to other patrons.

Placing a Hold

You may place a hold by using the Leatherby Libraries Catalog found at the Leatherby Libraries homepage. An item with a status of “DUE mm/dd/yy” may be put on hold. When you have pulled up the item record (click on the title until there is only one item listed on the page), look to the upper left for “Place a hold.” Click the link, then enter your name and seven-digit barcode, which is your Brandman ID# (not your username and password). Follow the instructions.

You will be notified by email that the item has been returned and is ready to be checked out. All you need to do at this point is contact our Brandman University department at (800) 344-5756 Ext. 1 to tell us that you still want the item. If we do not hear back from you after five days, the item will either be passed on to the next requester or it will be re-shelved.

Returning Materials

All Brandman University patrons are responsible for returning library materials by the due date. Materials are not considered returned until they are received at the Leatherby Libraries. Brandman University patrons should keep in mind that materials can take up to a week in transit before they reach the Leatherby Libraries. Shipping days are factored into the checkout time, and fines will not be waived for items received late due to a delay in shipping. To ensure against late fees and replacement costs, patrons must have a stamped “Merchandise Return Mailing Acknowledgement.” This form is sent in each package along with a return mailing label. Patrons must have this stamped by the Post Office at time of shipping and should keep it as a receipt in case items are lost in the mail.


Mail items to:

Chapman University
Leatherby Libraries
Attn: Brandman University Library Asst.
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

Interlibrary Loans

Patrons may use Interlibrary Loan for books and articles NOT owned by Chapman University Libraries. Undergraduates may request up to five items per week and twenty-five per semester/Brandman University term. Graduate students can submit 10 requests per week for a total of 40 requests per semester/Brandman University term. Faculty requests are not limited. Any additional requests will cost $10.00 per request. Patrons should note that it may take up to two weeks to receive these items. Because these items do not belong to Chapman University, renewals are not allowed.


Patrons are responsible for all fines (non-refundable overdue charges), processing fees (non-refundable invoicing and re-ordering costs), and replacement fees (cost of item), which may result from overdue returns, damage to items, lost or stolen items, including those items obtained by Interlibrary Loan (and the fees designated by the lending institution from which Chapman obtained them). All unresolved and/or unpaid charges will be referred to the University Business Office (including an additional referral fee).

Fine Schedule:

  • $ .25 cents Overdue fine per day, per book to a $10.00 maximum late fine per book
  • $1.00 Overdue fine per day, per audio/visual item (audio tape, CD-Rom, DVD, music CD, video) to a $10.00 maximum late fine per item
  • $1.00 Overdue fine per day, per Interlibrary Loan item to a $10.00 maximum late fine per item
  • $2.00 overdue fine per day, per recalled item to a $10.00 maximum late fine per item
  • $5.00 Minimum fee for damage to an item (broken spine, highlighting, missing labels/barcode, torn pages, water damage, writing in item, etc.) up to the full replacement cost of the item
  • $10.00 Referral fee to the Business Office
  • $20.00 Library processing fee for lost/damaged items
Replacement charges for lost/damaged books are assessed as follows:
Cost of item (book, CD, DVD, tape, etc.) + $20 processing fee + billing fee

To view your fines online, log into your My Library Account. Enter your name and seven-digit barcode, which is your Brandman ID# (not your username and password). This will allow you to not only see if there are any fines, but also the status of all items checked out on your account.

Paying Fines

Please contact Brandman University Library Services to arrange payment for your outstanding library fines. (800) 344-5756 Ext. 1 / (714) 532-7718.

Note: We cannot accept payment made to your campus. All payments must be made to the Leatherby Libraries.

Lost Item Refunds

In the event of the recovery and return of an item that has been paid for as a lost item, a refund may be issued for the cost of the item only. Processing and billing fees are not refundable. To receive a refund, the item must be undamaged and returned to the Circulation Department within 6 months from the original payment date. Items will be evaluated before a refund is granted. Refund checks can take up to 30 days to be issued.

Circulation Policies

Visit our Borrowing and Circulation page to view various policies related to specific audiences.

Collection Development Policy

The purpose of the Leatherby Libraries Collection Development Policy is to guide the selection, acquisition, development, management, measurement, and evaluation of resources in all formats necessary to support the curriculum and research needs of the Chapman University community. The community shall include, but not be limited to, students, faculty, staff, and alumni of both Chapman University and Brandman University. The Leatherby Libraries is the physical and electronic repository of all resources acquired and these resources remain under its management and control.

The Collection Development Policy is consistent with the vision and mission of the library. The Leatherby Libraries supports the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Policies and the University’s Policy for Freedom of Expression.

The Collection Development Policy is reviewed periodically by members on the Collection Development Committee, including:

Chair of the Collection Development Committee: Chair of the Collection Management Division

  • Associate Dean
  • Members of the Collection Management Division
  • Coordinator of Special Collections and Archives, and other librarians on an ad hoc basis
  • Dean; ex officio


Selection of materials is a shared responsibility between the librarian liaison and faculty. However, the primary responsibility of developing a collection in a particular subject area or discipline lies with the librarian liaison. The librarian coordinates the depth and breadth of the collection assigned to him/her, depending on funding and the needs of undergraduate and graduate programs and faculty research. The collecting density and intensity levels may include: comprehensive, research, study or instructional support, basic, minimal, or out of scope. Suggestions for new acquisitions may also be submitted by other members of the Chapman University community for consideration by liaison librarians.

See attachment (Section 1): Criteria for Selection of Resources and Liaison Responsibilities

All formats will be considered for purchase. If content is available in different formats, the format predominately benefiting the curricula will be given preference. Formats include:


Monographs are books, DVDs, Videos, CDs, maps, microforms, and other one time purchases of content.


Serials include journals, magazines, newspapers, and other materials that are issued periodically.

Electronic Resources

Electronic resources include eBooks, e-journals, and aggregator databases.

Serials and electronic resources require ongoing financial commitments, and as such they must be considered differently from monographic purchases. Subscription costs for serials and electronic resources have been increasing at higher rates than for other resources, and therefore, requests for new titles must be considered carefully as these resources could consume a disproportionately higher share of the ongoing acquisitions budget if not monitored. The Leatherby Libraries is a member of SCELC (Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium). Whenever possible and advantageous, the Leatherby Libraries will collaborate with SCELC to purchase access to electronic resources. The buying power of SCELC is substantial, and SCELC is often able to negotiate prices for electronic resources that the library could not afford to consider without membership in SCELC.

See attachment (Section 2): Electronic Resources Selection

Special Collections and Archives

The Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives collects material of enduring value, for intellectual content as well as for historical significance. Special Collections serves as the repository for collections of historically significant papers, rare books, both antiquarian and modern, art work, periodicals, photographs, broadsides, media, ephemera, and realia. The University Archives is the repository for the records of enduring value officially made or received by Chapman University, and for other materials of historical value related to the functions of the university. The University Archives includes material documenting the history and growth of Chapman University; books (including faculty publications), manuscripts, Chapman periodicals and newspapers, ephemera, and audio/visual material.

See attachment (Section 3): Scope and Active Areas of Collecting in Special Collections and Archives

The Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC) is managed by the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives. MAGIC’s primary purpose is to serve the geographic information needs of the faculty, students, and staff of Chapman University.

See attachment (Section 4): MAGIC’s Active Areas of Collecting and Services

Faculty Publications

The library actively collects monographic faculty publications and selected journal titles edited by faculty. Liaisons encourage faculty in their area to inform them of new publications.

Criteria for selecting faculty publications are the same as criteria for selecting monographs, serials and electronic resources.

Alumni Publications

The library actively collects material produced by Chapman University alumni. Alumni authors are defined as graduates of Chapman University with earned degrees.

Criteria for selecting alumni publications are the same as criteria for selecting monographs, serials and electronic resources.

See attachment (Section 5): Alumni Publications Guidelines and Procedures

Theses and Dissertations

The library provides access to electronic versions of theses and dissertations, on a volunteer basis, through its subscription to ProQuest’s Dissertations and Theses Full Text.

Peter and Mary Muth Library of Children’s Literature

The Leatherby Libraries maintains a library of literature written for children housed in The Peter and Mary Muth Library of Children’s Literature within the Edgar and Libby Pankey Library of Education. This collection ranges from picture books to K-12 books, fiction and non-fiction, and is intended to support the curriculum within the School of Education and children’s literature courses taught by the English Department.

Collecting priorities will be given to award-winning books such as, but not limited to, the Caldecott, Newbery, and Coretta Scott King awards and Children’s Notable Books identified by the American Library Association.

Gifts and Donations

Gifts-in-kind are an important way for friends and donors to give to the Leatherby Libraries. It is recognized that gift processing is time-consuming, and often not all parts of the gift donation are relevant to the library. However, if at all possible, it is the goal of the library to retain gift donations, especially out-of-print hardcover materials that supplement our current collections whenever they fall within the broader collection development goals. See attachment (Section 6): Gifts, Donations, and Endowments Guidelines

See attachment (Section 7): Selection Limitations, including Textbooks, Out-of-Print Materials, Replacements, and Rush Orders


Collection management is an ongoing activity undertaken by librarians that assesses the collection in terms of its quality, condition, and usefulness. Deselection means removing physical materials or deactivating electronic resources from the collection. Ongoing review of the collection by the subject librarians identifies these materials. Faculty are notified of any significant changes.

See attachment (Section 8): Criteria for Collection Evaluation and Deselection

Preservation and Digitization

The Leatherby Libraries is committed to preserving its collections of enduring value and scholarly interest; and supports the American Library Association’s Preservation Policy, including: remedial treatment of damaged and fragile items, preservation of materials in their original format when possible, replacement or reformatting of deteriorated materials. The library engages in digitization projects in order to preserve portions of its collections and create wider paths to scholarly discovery and accessibility.

Last Updated: April, 2019

Full Collection Development Policy

Copyright - Notice Warning Concerning Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specific conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of “fair use,” that user may be liable for copyright infringement. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

For more information about Copyright and Fair Use, visit Chapman LibGuides on Copyright.

Dissertation / Thesis Guidelines

Information to come.

Electronic and Print Resource Access for Chapman Visitors

Leatherby Libraries welcomes visiting scholars, researchers, alumni, and Chapman's extended family of library users. With over 300,000 monographic items; over 250 databases; The Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives; and The Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library, Leatherby Libraries offers outstanding and unique resources. Two walk-up computer stations across from the Reference Desk are available for visitor research. Sessions are limited to 30 minutes. As printing is not available from these stations, visitors are encouraged to utilize their personal email or flash-drives, as needed.

Emergency Response Plan

Please visit the Leatherby Libraries' LibGuides for information on our Emergency Response Plan.

Event Announcement Boards in the Leatherby Libraries

Guidelines for Library Users (Students and Faculty)

The Leatherby Libraries welcomes the opportunity for students, faculty, and other campus units to publicize upcoming events in the Allred Entrada (first floor lobby). Due to aesthetic concerns, limited space availability and safety issues, the Leatherby Libraries must limit the number at any one time. Below are the guidelines for approval of Event Announcement Boards in the Leatherby Libraries.

  1. All Event Announcement Boards must be approved by Librarians or Library Staff in order to be displayed in the Leatherby Libraries. A permission form must be completed by the person requesting the display of the board(s). Initials of the library employee on the verso of the board(s) will signify approval. Student announcements must also contain the approval stamp of the Associated Students.
  2. The Circulation Department assumes primary oversight of the Event Announcement Boards.
  3. The library assumes that the campus unit wishing to announce an upcoming event in the library will provide their own easels. However, the Circulation Department would have a limited number of easels available if necessary.
  4. Event Announcement Boards will be placed in one of three locations: to the right of the west entrance (facing Beckman Hall) or to the left or right of the east entrance (facing Argyros Forum)
  5. The Event Announcement Boards will be on exhibit through the event date and removed the next day.
  6. The party responsible for the Event Announcement Board should pick up the item within 2 days of the completion of the event.
  7. The Circulation Department will store unclaimed boards for up to 3 days and then discard them or give them to Special Collections.

Filming Policy

Filming in the Leatherby Libraries is generally prohibited. This includes all forms of photography and is defined as any use of film, video, tape recording, still photographs, or any other means of audio/visual production within the Leatherby Libraries.

Exceptions are granted for University produced and/or sponsored productions (i.e. recruitment presentations, historical presentations) that are sanctioned by the Office of the President, Office of the Chancellor, Office of Enrollment Management, University Relations, Publications, or Development.

Permission for University produced and/or sponsored productions must be obtained, along with reasonable notice, from the Dean of the Library, the Associate Dean, or a Senior Administrative figure that is charged with such responsibility.

Food and Drink Policy

The Leatherby Libraries prohibits food in the library public areas, and will permit only drinks in covered, spill-proof containers in selected library locations.

  • Food and drink will be permitted in the first floor Rotunda including the Lewis Family Lounge and its two group study rooms.
  • Drinks in covered, spill-proof containers will be permitted in the following selected library locations only:
    • First floor Rotunda
    • Group study rooms
    • Individual study carrels on the perimeter of the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the computer classrooms or labs in the basement
  • Gum is expressly forbidden throughout the building.

Instruction Room Policy

The Leatherby Libraries computer classroom (LL 305) is available to Chapman University faculty, staff, and administrators for class and training needs on a limited basis. The room houses 40 computers, one instructor station, and one printer.

Please direct requests to use the classroom to Taylor Greene (tgreene@chapman.edu). Requests should be made at least one week prior to the desired date. Please include your name, department, desired date and time, and reason for the request. Responses to requests will be sent within two days.

Requesting use of the classroom by personnel outside the library:

  • The needs of the Leatherby Libraries instructional program take precedence over other requests when scheduling classrooms. Generally, the classroom is unavailable during the periods of the semester when there is a heavy information literacy instruction load, typically the first eight weeks of the semester.
  • The classroom may be requested by groups needing computers for hands-on learning. (Groups that do not require the technology in the classroom can seek other space on campus.)
  • The classroom can be used for one class session or up to four hours at a time, Monday through Friday. During summer and interim semesters, and during weekends year-round, room requests will be honored according to availability.
  • A faculty, administrator, or staff member may use the classroom twice per semester.
  • The classroom is available only during building hours.

Using the classroom:

  • On the day of the classroom use, the person making the reservation must check in at the Circulation Desk to obtain access to the classroom.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the classroom without prior approval.
  • Additional technology and software may not be installed in the classroom without prior approval. Assistance with the room’s technology may be obtained by contacting IS&T at 714-997-6600.
  • Upon completion of the session the classroom must be returned to its original condition: projector and lights turned off; computers logged off, and any rearranged furniture put back.
  • Staff at the Circulation Desk must be notified when the room is vacant.

K-12 Group Tours & Assignments Policy

Chapman University is a private university serving its student, faculty, and staff community. The Leatherby Libraries’ mission is to support the teaching and research needs of the Chapman University community. K-12 group tours and access to the Library’s facilities for class assignments and projects, not affiliated with a Chapman University-sponsored program, are decided on a case-by-case basis. Approval for K-12 students to tour or use the Library may be limited due to the following:

  • Collection and resources may not be age-appropriate to the class assignment and/or project.
  • Only one designated “public” computer provided with limitation to 30-minute use per person. This computer is provided for Chapman University guests. This is a non-filtered computer that may not be appropriate for K-12 age students. It does not have print capability.
  • Priority given to CU students for reference services; reference desk normally staffed by one librarian.
  • Study space is limited and priority is given to the CU community.

Any requests for tours or use of the Library for class assignments/projects should be directed to: Kevin Ross, Associate Dean, at kross@chapman.edu.

Library Security Guidelines

The Leatherby Libraries Security Policy

The Leatherby Libraries provides a welcoming, safe, and secure atmosphere for all members of the Chapman University community so that they may access scholarly resources, conduct research, attend events, or study. The following behaviors may result in contacting Chapman University’s Public Safety Department for resolution:

  • Harassing, abusive, disruptive, or offensive behavior towards patrons or employees
  • Theft of individual or library property
  • Vandalism
  • Inappropriate use of technology (Leatherby Libraries' Technology Policy)

Safety Tips for Leatherby Libraries Patrons

  • Be aware of your environment
  • Never leave property unattended
  • Familiarize yourself with the library building and the library exits
  • Trust your instincts and report suspicious activity or inappropriate behavior to library staff or Public Safety
  • Circulation: (714) 532–7723 | Public Safety: (714) 997–6763

Posting Policy

All postings in Leatherby Libraries are confined to the bulletin board in the Lewis Family Lounge on the first floor. All flyers and materials for distribution are confined to the rotunda adjacent to the Lewis Family Lounge. Permission to post or place materials for distribution in these areas must be approved by the Student L.E.A.D. Center. Content of postings and materials must follow the guidelines provided by the Student Conduct Code (Appendix 12). Any unapproved postings or materials will be removed. All non-student postings and materials for distribution must be approved by Library Administration. Please see Circulation or Reference departments for additional information or clarification.

Privacy Policy

The Leatherby Libraries respects the privacy of its students, faculty, staff, and all Chapman community patrons. The Leatherby Libraries endorses the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics, Policy Statement on Confidentiality of Library Records and privacy guidelines, encouraging libraries to:

  • Limit the degree to which personally identifiable information is monitored, collected, disclosed, and distributed.
  • Avoid creating unnecessary records.
  • Avoid retaining records that are not needed for efficient operation of the library, including data-related logs, digital records, vendor-collected data, and system backups.
  • Avoid library practices and procedures that place personally identifiable information on public view.1

The Leatherby Libraries has implemented procedures in order to protect patron privacy and the Library extends this privacy consideration to circulation/reserves records and history, interlibrary loan records and history, and reference consultations, among other areas of library services and resources. However, the Library uses and retains records and personal patron information during the course of conducting library business, for example:

  • Checking out library materials.
  • Processing overdue notices and fines.
  • Conducting extended reference transactions.

The Library’s computers are supported by the University’s Information Systems & Technology Department (IS&T), and IS&T provides a separate privacy policy.2

In addition to the above considerations, the Leatherby Libraries trains each library employee and library student worker on the application of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to student library records and information in order to ensure patron privacy.

Please direct any concerns regarding patron privacy to the Associate Dean Kevin Ross at kross@chapman.edu


  1. ALA Website:

    Code of Ethics

    Guidelines for Developing a Library Privacy Policy

    Statement: Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records

    The Leatherby Libraries supports the California Public Records Act, Cal Gov't Code 6254, 6267 (Deering Supply 2001), in order to protect individual patron records and deny disclosure of patron information and records to other persons requesting this information, except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the proper federal, state, or local law authority. If the Leatherby Libraries is served with such a legal order or subpoena, the legal documents are to be presented to the University's Office of Legal Affairs for review and processing of the request.
    Visit: Office of Legal Affairs on subpoenas.

See Chapman University’s Privacy Policy (IS&T).

Quiet Study Policy

The Chapman University Leatherby Libraries strives to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming to students, faculty, staff, and other library users that is conducive to both collaborative and quiet study. To support quiet study, the Leatherby Libraries provides designated quiet study areas at the south end of both the second and third floors. These are designated with signage.

Appropriate behavior is expected in all areas of the library. This includes quiet conversations, muted or ear-phoned audio players, and quiet group study.

Please be considerate of others when using a cell phone throughout the building. Please mute the ring tone, keep conversations short and your voice lowered. If you need to have an extended conversation, please go outside of the library to do so. Cell phone use is not permitted in library classrooms and in the Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library.

It is the right and responsibility of all library users to enforce this quiet study policy. If you are uncomfortable doing so, you may report the issue to a library staff member at the nearest service desk. Library staff will contact Public Safety to escort library users out of the building when necessary.

Reciprocal Institutions (borrowing privileges)

UCI Borrowing Privileges for Chapman Faculty

  • The University of California, Irvine extends borrowing privileges to Chapman University faculty.
  • UCI does not extend borrowing privileges to Chapman students, staff, or administrators. There is no reciprocal borrowing agreement between UCI and Chapman University.
  • In order to obtain borrowing privileges at UCI, Chapman faculty must:
    • Present a Chapman University photo ID card. No other forms of identification are accepted.
    • A letter indicating that the Chapman faculty applicant is teaching for the current semester. The letter must come from the Chapman faculty member's department, signed by either the department or division chair. The library does not provide a letter on behalf of the Chapman faculty applicant.
    • There is no fee for the use of privileges.

  • Once granted privileges, the Chapman faculty member is solely responsible, as an individual, for all items, fines, fees, and/or charges, etc.
  • Chapman University and the Leatherby Libraries will not adjudicate disputes, negotiate settlements for losses or non-return of materials, nor be responsible for the return of any materials owned by the University of California, Irvine to any of their libraries.

Reference Services Policy


Leatherby Libraries has a priority to provide reference services to the Chapman University community, which includes students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, special guests, and community card holders. The general public is welcome to visit the library and has access to open stack collections, the library catalog, and general reference assistance in the library.

Reference librarians are available at the reference desk on the first floor of Leatherby Libraries during hours posted on the Library’s Web site. Reference librarians assist users by demonstrating how to find resources, both print and electronic. Reference librarians may recommend appropriate research resources or search strategies and techniques.

For in-depth research assistance, students, faculty, and staff may be directed to the Individual Research Consultation Request form.

Quick email questions from students, faculty, and staff can be answered through out Quick Reference Question Form.

Or telephone reference assistance can be obtained at: (714) 532-7714.

Please note that priority is given to in-person reference consultations and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please contact Kevin Ross, Associate Dean, for additional information: kross@chapman.edu

Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to adhere to the terms of the Chapman University Student Conduct Code with regard to all transactions and interactions with library staff as well as fellow students.

Violations of the Student Conduct Code will be reported to Public Safety and the Dean of Students.

Study Carrels and Table Use Policy

All study carrels, tables, and seating areas throughout the Leatherby Libraries are available to all patrons on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved. Please be considerate of others and do not leave your personal items unattended to secure a location for later use.

Technology Policy

Computer workstations in the Leatherby Libraries are for educational, informational, and research purposes only.

Computer use is restricted to Chapman University students, faculty, and staff, except for selected public access computers. 

The Scholars' Corner computer and one computer across from the Reference Desk are accessible to visitors. There is a 60 minute limit on use with no print capability from these specific workstations.

Access to computers within the Leatherby Libraries is provided in support of the University’s mission: To provide a personalized education of distinction that leads to inquiring, ethical and productive lives as global citizens.

Access to all information resources, including the online resources at the Leatherby Libraries, is a privilege and must be treated as such by all users of the system to protect the rights of the community. Use of these resources, including computer equipment and software, must be in a manner consistent with pertinent University policies, procedures, and codes of conduct, in addition to applicable federal, state, and local laws. View the University’s Acceptable Use Policy.  

The following are deemed unacceptable uses of the equipment and/or software.   These unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:

  • copying, modifying or deleting system facilities or files
  • interfering with computer or network access
  • interfering or tampering with any campus or library security settings
  • using the resources for commercial purposes not related to University business
  • accessing and participating in games not directly related to Chapman University curriculum. 
  • reproducing and/or distributing copyrighted materials unlawfully or any materials that have been provided on a subscription basis by agreement between Leatherby Libraries and electronic resource vendors
  • violating any individual’s right to privacy
  • using Leatherby Libraries equipment to harass another individual or group

Consequences of Misuse

Violation of the Leatherby Libraries’ Acceptable Use Policy may result in revocation of library privileges and/or any consequences listed in the University’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Tobacco Use, Smoking, and Use of e-cigarettes Policy

The Leatherby Libraries prohibits smoking, the use of e-cigarettes, and the use of any tobacco products inside the library.

In accordance with the University directive of a smoke free campus, effective February 1, 2016, all use of tobacco products must be done off campus grounds.