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The 6 media rooms and the 14 group study rooms located throughout the Leatherby Libraries can be booked up to 7 days in advance. During after-hours study, the 2 group study rooms on the 1st floor are available on a first come, first served basis.

Policies and Guidelines

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Logging into the Room Booking System

  • Actively enrolled students and currently employed administrators, faculty, and staff must use their Chapman University logon.  Users must have a valid and active library account prior to logging into the room booking system.

  • Alumni must obtain their alumni ID card from their alumni organization. After obtaining your alumni ID, register for both a library account and room booking account at the Circulation Desk

  • Brandman patrons must obtain their Brandman ID card prior to registering for a room booking account at the Circulation Desk.

  • Only one booking account per user is permitted.

Booking a Room

  • The Circulation Department will not create a room booking for you.

  • Room booking quotas are as follows:

    • 1-8 hour blocks: Doctoral students, Affiliated Scholars, and Faculty

    • 1-6 hour blocks: Graduate students

    • 1-4 hour blocks: Law and Undergraduate students

    • 1-3 hour blocks: Extended Education Students, Lecturers, and Staff/Administrators

    • 1-2 hour blocks: Alumni

  • You can book a room up to 7 days in advance.

  • Multiple bookings are allowed as long as they do not exceed your total hour block quota. For example, Undergraduates have a 4 hour block quota which can be used as one 4 hour booking, two 2 hour bookings, four 1 hour bookings, etc.

  • Only the person who placed the booking can cancel or modify it.

Checking out / accessing a Booked Room

  • The person who placed the booking must present their University ID card at the Circulation Desk.

  • You must have a current library account free of any outstanding blocks (overdue items, fines, etc.).  Blocks must be resolved prior to check out.

  • Bookable room kits are for in library use only.  Do not take the kit or room key out of the building.

  • You can only have one bookable room checked out on your library account at any given time.

  • A receipt will be issued that contains the due date and time.  Please retain your checkout receipt.

Returning a Bookable Room Kit

  • Prior to returning the bookable room kit, the user (along with all other individuals) will exit the room and ensure that the door closes and locks behind them.

  • Occupying a room or allowing others to do so after returning the bookable room kit will result in the suspension of booking privileges.

  • Wait in line to return the bookable room kit. Do not leave the bookable room kit on the Circulation counter or place in bookdrops.

  • The bookable room kit must be handed to a Circulation Assistant at the Circulation Desk.

  • The bookable room kit must be returned no later than the due time. The due time is firm and there is no grace period. A reservation which includes the final hour the library is open will be due 20 minutes prior to closing.

Booking Cancellation/Modifications

  • You can cancel or modify your booking by accessing your account online up until the start of the booking. Bookings can then only be canceled or modified by contacting the Circulation Department at (714) 532-7723. Cancellation or modification requests will not be accepted by email.

  • All bookings will be held for the first 10 minutes from the start of the reservation hour and canceled if not picked up.

  • If you would like to request an extension of the booked time in your current room, bring the bookable room kit and your Chapman ID to the Circulation Desk no later than the due time. An extension may be granted if the room has not been reserved by another patron. A receipt will be issued with the new due time.

  • Making an additional booking after your current reservation is considered a separate booking. You must come to the Circulation Desk to update the time due on the bookable room kit that is currently checked out to you.

Fines/Replacement Fees

  • A $5 overdue fine will be assessed for returning the bookable room kit late.  Fines will continue to accrue at $5 for each additional hour to a maximum overdue fine of $40. There is no grace period.

  • In the event of loss or damage to components of a bookable room kit, replacement charges will be assessed as follows:

    • $2 for a dry erase marker

    • $2 for a bookable room case

    • $4 for a dry erase eraser

    • $50 for an access key  

  • Loss of the entire kit will result in the replacement charge of $80 (cost of items + processing fee)

The user also agrees to the following

  • The person who checked out the key assumes full responsibility for the bookable room, its equipment, furniture, and all individuals allowed inside the room.

  • Food and beverages are prohibited.

  • Filming and photography are prohibited.

  • Do not cover the windows or obstruct the door.

  • Do not attempt to change any settings, reprogram or remove any software or audio/visual equipment from a media room.

  • Do not add or remove furniture from a room.

  • Report any room damage or malfunctioning equipment immediately to the Circulation Department.

  • Use the touch panel to turn off the audio/visual equipment in the media rooms. Do not manually turn off the equipment.

Suspension of Booking Privileges

  • Failure to comply with room booking policies will result in a minimum 14 day suspension of booking privileges.

  • Continued violations of the room booking policies will result in either a longer suspension or a permanent loss of booking privileges.

If you have any questions about any of the above stated Room Booking Policies and Guidelines, please contact the Circulation Department.

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