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Please use the resources below to learn how the Leatherby Libraries can support you. 


Graduation is not the end of your relationship with Chapman University. One of the great benefits of being an alumni is the continued access to Chapman spaces and resources, including the Leatherby Libraries.


Your understanding of the Libraries' resources and services, both for your students' success and your personal research, is key to providing a full academic experience for everyone. 

Patrons with Disabilities

As a university, Chapman is committed to creating a full experience to all of it's community members. As part of this, the Leatherby Libraries is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities, or finding solutions to accommodate. 

Rinker Campus

The Leatherby Libraries is here to compliment the Rinker Campus Library Services. Follow the link to learn more about the services provided at the Health Sciences Study Commons.


As a valued part of the Chapman Family, you have similar access as our students and faculty to the Leatherby Libraries' resources and services. 


The Leatherby Libraries plays a pivotal part of your academic experience at Chapman University. The resources and services offered will help you navigate through your academic journey, prepare you for research papers writing and give you a place of quiet study and endless discovery. 


We welcome and encourages visitors to use the Leatherby Libraries and its resources according to policy. it is a great space to discover and learn.