• Donna Ford Attallah
    Donna Ford Attallah ’61 shows off the selection of her angels
  • Italian Heritage Archive Group Study Room
    Dedication of the Henri Temianka Archives Multimedia Room
  • Virginia G. Carson
    Dr. Virginia G. Carson and Dr. Richard Pitts
Giving Opportunities

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The Leatherby Libraries remain committed to the mission of providing personalized services and relevant resources in support of the curricular, creative, and scholarly needs of the Chapman University community to ensure the development of the information-literate global citizen. Our vision is to be a preeminent portal to the world’s knowledge, an intellectual and cultural center on campus as well as a distinguished resource for teaching, learning and scholarship at Chapman University. Whether students are entering the university for their first year or faculty members looking for opportunities to advance their research and instructional best practices, the Leatherby Libraries is here to support their journey and academic success through the provision of our resources, services and welcoming spaces. We invite you to follow the libraries’ activities through our newsletter, social media and blog to see for yourself the breadth of services, activities and resources we are providing to the community at large along with our continued efforts to Reimagine the Leatherby Libraries.

We are proud to launch our first-ever Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) plan along with the Leatherby Libraries’ DEI website. Additionally, we are aligning the library with the university’s mission to support research and have created a Library Research & Data Services (LRDS) team. This innovative team provides support and guidance to the Chapman University research community, with a focus on empowering students, faculty, and staff. Their services include workshops, individual consultations, assistance in the use of research and data mining tools, data management plans, data analysis, data visualization, and text and data mining.

Giving Opportunities

A gift to the Libraries has the broadest possible impact on campus, because we serve all students and faculty across all disciplines. Please explore some of the many ways your support can help the Libraries contribute to campus success.

  • Cash Gifts for Leatherby Libraries Fund – The simplest way to make a one-time cash gift is by check made payable to Chapman University, Leatherby Libraries. 
  • Leatherby Libraries Endowment – Establishing an endowment ensures that the donor’s gift will continue to benefit the library into the future. Donors can designate endowment amounts and how gifts are to be used in the library. 
  • Study Carrel Naming – Participate in the commemorative naming of the library's study carrels. Honoring the heritage that began in 1861, a gift of $1,861 will give you the opportunity to honor a special person, organization or event. Learn more about the Study Carrel Naming
  • Gifts-In-Kind – Gifts of books, art, historical documents and other items are gifts-in-kind. Although the library is unable to accept large-scale book donations at this time, please email Archives and Gifts Assistant Norman Lee at nolee@chapman.edu for assistance in making a gift-in-kind to the library.

For more information about the Leatherby Libraries at Chapman University, or to become a supporter of the Leatherby Libraries and its mission to expand library resources for students, faculty, and researchers, please contact Assistant Dean for Library DEI Initiatives and Development and Librarian Essraa Nawar at nawar@chapman.edu or 714-532-7748


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