» Mission, Vision and Values

Mission of the Leatherby Libraries

The mission of the Leatherby Libraries is to provide personalized services and relevant collections in support of the curricular, creative, and scholarly needs of the Chapman University community to ensure the development of the information-literate global citizen.

Vision of the Leatherby Libraries

The vision of the Leatherby Libraries is to be a preeminent portal to the world’s knowledge, an intellectual and cultural center of campus, and a distinguished resource for teaching, learning, and scholarship at Chapman University.

Values of the Leatherby Libraries

We are a learning community dedicated to the following core values that define our character. Our library core values guide our actions and inform our behaviors so that we may achieve our mission and fully realize our vision. We embrace the following values as a way to remain engaged, effective, and invigorated.

Trust and Respect

Our library engenders trust and respect with our colleagues and the University community.

To demonstrate these values, we:
  • Take responsibility for our actions, keep our word, and follow through on commitments.
  • Rely on our colleagues to perform their duties in a professional manner.
  • Appreciate each individual’s perspective and contributions.
  • Treat one another with courtesy and civility.

Effective Communication

Our library embraces effective and open communication.

To demonstrate these values, we:

  • Share information and knowledge with colleagues and users in an open and timely manner.
  • Actively and empathically listen to colleagues and users.
  • Contribute expertise and informed opinions to discussions in a constructive manner.
  • Promote openness, honesty, and accountability in our professional relationships.


Our library pursues transparency in our actions and operations.

To demonstrate this value, we:

  • Understand our colleagues’ and our own roles and responsibilities within the library.
  • Provide relevant and timely reporting of our activities.
  • Invite and encourage participation in decision making.
  • Openly share challenges and use the lessons learned from them constructively.
  • Keep staff informed about significant decisions.

Innovative and Creative Thinking

Our library encourages innovative and creative thinking.

To demonstrate these values, we: 

  • Champion and support an environment that stimulates new, useful, and productive ideas.
  • Seek flexibility and adaptability in responding to multiple and diverse perspectives.
  • Work collaboratively and collegially to overcome challenges and discover improved strategies.
  • Promote an agile organization, committed to continuous improvement and ready to meet our users’ changing needs.

Work/Life Balance

Our library supports a healthy work/life balance.

To demonstrate this value, we: 

  • Balance our physical, mental, social, and spiritual health in our professional and personal lives.
  • Build time within each day for reflective thought.
  • Engage in wellness activities.