» Resources for Students Facing Financial Challenges

This page was created by the Advisory Group on the Status of Socio-economic Stratification to serve as a resource for students who are facing financial challenges. Know of a resource you would like to see on this page? Contact us!

Scholarship Opportunities

 The Office of Financial Aid is now accepting applications from students with at least 60 semester credits completed by fall 2017 for the following scholarships:
  • Nitori Scholarship – Nitori USA, Inc. is offering up to five $10,000 scholarships to students studying business, accounting, economics, marketing, or communications or have related experience. All application materials are due by 5pm next Monday, April 10.
  • Albert Schweitzer Scholarship – Scholarship of $5000; completed forms and documents must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid by 5pm on April 28.
  • Town and Gown Scholarship – Awards range from $3,000-5,000; applications and all documents must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid by 5pm on May 24.
Application materials can be found on the Financial Aid website (https://www.chapman.edu/students/tuition-and-aid/financial-aid/index.aspx) or stop by the Financial Aid office in Bhathal Student Services Center for more information.

+ - Campus Resources


If you are struggling financially the Office of Financial Aid can review special circumstances. 


Another resource for students facing financial challenges is the Financial Aid Facebook page. All outside scholarship opportunities are posted here.

Contact: 714-997-6741 | finaid@chapman.edu


The Dean of Students Office, as with all concerns, serves as a resource for students by assisting in matters that impact the learning of all students. Students needing access to food should contact the Dean of Students Office. 

Food pantry for students in need 

For several years Chapman has offered a food pantry assistance program to any students who have a need for additional resources. If you or a student you know could benefit from this assistance or would like more information on the food pantry program, click here.

Contact: Jerry Price | Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students | (714) 997-6721 | jprice@chapman.edu | Argyros Forum 101

DeAnn Yocum Gaffney | Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Associate Dean of Students | (714) 997-6721 | gaffney@chapman.edu | Argyros Forum 101

Chris Hutchison | Assistant Dean of Students | (714) 628-7321 | hutchiso@chapman.edu | Argyros Forum 303F


The Student Government Association Campus Inclusion Committee addresses issues of diversity and equity affecting the campus. The committee actively seeks the concerns of underrepresented groups on campus and challenges itself to solve those issues.

Contact: sga@chapman.edu


The Chapman Diversity Project, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, endeavors to bring students, staff, faculty, administrators and trustees together for a meaningful dialogue focused on developing strategic priorities and recommendations for diversity and inclusion at Chapman.


Chapman’s Advisory Groups evaluate and recommend services, policies and programs for enhancing diversity and inclusion. Each Advisory Group is comprised of students, staff, faculty, administrators and trustees and is open to people of all identities.

Contact: Crystal De La Riva | Staff Co-Chair, Advisory Group on the Status of Socio-economic Stratification | delariva@chapman.edu

Jennifer Ascencio | Student Co-Chair, Advisory Group on the Status of Socio-economic Stratification | ascen104@mail.chapman.edu 


Cross-Cultural Engagement offers programs and services that encourage students to explore, celebrate, and share their diverse cultures; further examine and cultivate the multiple aspects of their personal identities; develop an appreciation of and respect for diversity, and hone their skills in cross-cultural leadership and dialogue while creating a welcoming and inclusive campus community.

Contact: Leti Romo, Asst. Director of Student Engagement, Cross-Cultural Engagement | (714) 628-7242 | lromo@chapman.edu

CCE also offers the following opportunity:


Breaking Ground: Confronting Class serves as a safe environment to discussing basic concepts of class and classism. The presentation increases awareness and understanding of individual, institutional, and cultural manifestations of classism as well as to understand the experiences of people from other class backgrounds. In this training, students will learn about stereotypes and societal impacts of classism as well as the effects of Chapman's campus climate. By the end of this presentation, Participants will be able to identify ways of taking action against classism in everyday life and how to improve Chapman's campus by becoming an ally.


Cross-Cultural Initiatives provides a series of engaging experiences that expose students to multiple viewpoints on a variety of issues, as well as highlight the many different cultures that comprise the Chapman student community.

Contact: Leti Romo | Chair, Cross-Cultural Initiatives | (714) 628-7242 | lromo@chapman.edu


CERT is an advisory group comprised of faculty, staff, and students devoted to a stronger, more inclusive community at Chapman. CERT works to empower students following potential bias incidents that affect our campus community.


Bike racks located across campus can be found on the interactive campus map under parking. Microwaves and lockers can be found under the campus amenities. 


If you’ve ever had your laptop misplaced, run out of battery, or temporarily broken, don’t panic, because the Student Union now offers Laptops-to-Go! This is a fully automated laptop rental kiosk, designed to get you onto a computer instantly and hassle-free. This service is free to all Chapman students with a valid ID. Just swipe your card, take a laptop, and return I within the 4-hour time limit. There are (6) Dell Latitude laptops and (6) Macbook Pro laptops available to rent. Laptops can be taken anywhere on campus including classrooms and dorms.

Contact: studentunion@chapman.edu

+ - Relevant Articles

The hunger crisis in America’s universities

Ned Resnikoff, 2014

Hungry, Homeless and in College

Student food insecurity: The skeleton in the university closet

Roger Hughes, Irene Serebryanikova, Katherine Donaldson, & Michael Leveritt, 2011

Advocates for Students Facing Financial Challenges

Here you can find a list of staff, faculty and administrators who are advocates for student diversity and inclusion at Chapman. While all staff, faculty and administrators are advocates for students, the people in these lists have committed to being an open door and advocate for students from underrepresented communities.

Required Course Materials: Considering Socio-economic Stratification

The handout below is intended to be a guide for faculty to consider the impact that required course materials may have on students who are facing financial challenges.

Read more here»

Textbook Price Match

The Bookstore will match the lowest advertised price on college textbooks. If you find an identical in-stock textbook for rent or purchase priced lower elsewhere, let them know and they will match it right at the register (some exclusions apply). For more details, visit the Bookstore in Bhathal Student Services Center.