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Required Syllabi Statements

Chapman University’s Students with Disabilities Policy

In compliance with ADA guidelines, students who have any condition, either permanent or temporary, that might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services. If you will need to utilize your approved accommodations in this class, please follow the proper notification procedure for informing your professor(s). This notification process must occur more than a week before any accommodation can be utilized. Please contact Disability Services at (714) 516-4520 if you have questions regarding this procedure, or for information and to make an appointment to discuss and/or request potential accommodations based on documentation of your disability. Once formal approval of your need for an accommodation has been granted, you are encouraged to talk with your professor(s) about your accommodation options. The granting of any accommodation will not be retroactive and cannot jeopardize the academic standards or integrity of the course.

Equity and Diversity Statement

Chapman University is committed to ensuring equality and valuing diversity. Students and professors are reminded to show respect at all times as outlined in Chapman’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Any violations of this policy should be discussed with the professor, the Dean of Students and/or otherwise reported in accordance with this policy.

Optional Syllabi Statement

Student Support at Chapman University

Over the course of the semester, you may experience a range of challenges that interfere with your learning, such as problems with friend, family, and or significant other relationships; substance use; concerns about personal adequacy; feeling overwhelmed; or feeling sad or anxious without knowing why.  These mental health concerns or stressful events may diminish your academic performance and/or reduce your ability to participate in daily activities.  You can learn more about the resources available through Chapman University’s Student Psychological Counseling Services here: https://www.chapman.edu/students/health-and-safety/psychological-counseling/.  

Fostering a community of care that supports the success of students is essential to the values of Chapman University.  Occasionally, you may come across a student whose personal behavior concerns or worries you, either for the student’s well-being or yours.  In these instances, you are encouraged to contact the Chapman University Student Concern Intervention Team who can respond to these concerns and offer assistance: https://www.chapman.edu/students/health-and-safety/student-concern/index.aspx.  While it is preferred that you include your contact information so this team can follow up with you, you can submit a report anonymously.  24-hour emergency help is also available through Public Safety at 714-997-6763

Don't See These Statements In Your Course Syllabus?

The Students with Disabilities Policy and Equity & Diversity Statement are required in all course syllabi. If they are missing from a syllabus for a course you are taking, contact your faculty member and let them know.