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This is an online resource for students with disabilities. This webpage was created in collaboration between Cross-Cultural Engagement and the Advisory Group on the Status of Disability & Accessibility. Are you a Chapman student, staff or faculty member who wants to add a resource to this page? Contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a list of accessible entrances on campus?

You can find all accessible entrances listed on the interactive campus map. To view accessible entrances, select "accessibility" on the left-hand menu. 

What accommodations are available to me as a student with a disability?

Chapman University is committed to providing support services to achieve equal access to the education experience. Disability Services (DS) approves and coordinates accommodations and services for students with disabilities at Chapman to help students acquire skills essential to achieve academic and personal success. Information about registering with Disability Services is available, You can find more information about accommodations such as sign language interrelation, use of voice recorders in classes. 

Advocates for Students with Disabilities

Here you can find a list of staff, faculty and administrators who are advocates for student diversity and inclusion at Chapman. While all staff, faculty and administrators are advocates for students, the people in these lists have committed to being an open door and advocate for students from underrepresented communities.