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Latinx Staff and Faculty Forum

Heritage Month Kickoff

» Latinx Staff and Faculty Forum

Mission Statement

The mission of Chapman University's Latinx Staff and Faculty Forum is to provide support to Latinx students, staff and faculty by developing connections and building a bridge between students, parents, alumni, community organizations and the Chapman community.

Guiding Principles and Goals

  • Embrace the Latinx identity and culture

  • Celebrate, inspire, educate and support diversity throughout Chapman

  • Engage the Chapman family in challenging stereotypes and embracing

  • Guide and assist in the success of the whole student 

Guided by the mission and principles, the Latinx Forum strives to reach the following goals:

  • Develop and maintain a safe space for Latinx students, staff, and faculty at Chapman University.

  • Enhance the campus climate for diversity at Chapman University.

  • Enrich the working environment for Latinx staff and faculty through professional and social networking.

  • Increase the involvement of Latinx Forum members in all levels of university life.

  • Support, host and engage in events/activities that educate, embrace and celebrate the Latinx identity and culture.

  • Develop, nurture and strengthen relationships with Latinx alumni and parents, as well as surrounding community organizations to support diversity and inclusion.

  • Work with the Chapman University administration to increase the representation of Latinx students, alumni, staff, and faculty

  • Work with the Chapman University administration to help retain current Latinx students, staff, and faculty.

  • Provide a broad network of Latinx role models for students.

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