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The faculty of Chapman University is comprised of research scholars and innovative teachers who encourage and share their professional interests.  Faculty engage in interdisciplinary discussion and collegial support in the Faculty Athenaeum, which is located in the Argyros Forum.  It serves as a center for informal cross-campus dialogue between faculty members, as well as faculty and students.  Faculty report to the Chancellor through delegated responsibilities of the Deans of the Colleges and Schools.  The university’s faculty is responsible for the design of quality curriculum, programs and learning at Chapman.

The voice of the faculty regarding University strategic planning, use of resources, new programs, program assessment and faculty peer evaluation is represented through the Faculty Governance structures at Chapman.  Chapman is particularly proud of the strength and thoughtful involvement of the faculty in all initiatives at the University.  Faculty of the University are governed by the Faculty Manual which is negotiated between faculty and the administration.  It outlines the work environment and policies of the University.

For the Media

If you would like to contact one of our faculty members please work with the Chapman public relations department.

(714) 744-7677