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+ - 2.1 Admissions

2.1 The education unit accepts applicants for its educator preparation programs based on clear criteria that include multiple measures of candidate qualifications.

All students interested in a graduate program at Chapman University are required to complete a general graduate application. All general application requirements are listed on our application page. Further, acceptance to graduate programs in education at Attallah College require supplemental qualifications identified on individual program links in the Admission Requirement drop down menu identified below:

MAT Single Subject Admission Criteria
MAT Multiple Subject Admission Criteria
4+1 MACI Admission Criteria
SPed Mild Moderate Admission Criteria
SPed Moderate Severe Admission Criteria
School Counseling Admission Criteria
School Psychology Admission Criteria 

+ - 2.2 Candidate Recruitment

Standard 2.2. The education unit purposefully recruits and admits candidates to diversify the educator pool in California and provides the support, advice, and assistance to promote their successful entry and retention in the profession.

Chapman University Goals and Recruitment

One of Chapman University’s five strategic priorities is to Support Our Changing Student Profile. More specific means to achieving this support are detailed on our Changing Student Profile page.

As part of these recruitment goals the University promotes diverse student recruitment through the following:

  • In partnership with Chapman’s Strategic Marketing and Communications, Attallah College runs multichannel digital marketing campaigns, including paid search and social media geo-targeted program-specific ads. Digital campaign goals include increased program awareness and enrollment. Audience targeting consists of male and female qualified prospective students, ages 21–35, who reside in Southern California and within a 25-mile radius of Chapman’s competitor schools and who currently hold or are near completion of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. The demographics of this target area mirrors that of California’s PK-12 student population in terms of special education needs and ethnic and socio-economic diversity.
  • Attended more than 66 Community College Transfer Fairs. According to the California Community college chancellor’s office, more than 67 percent of California. community college students are people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and roughly 53 percent are female (California Community College Chancellor’s office, 2018)
  • Further, the University attends Graduate School Fairs throughout California.
  • California Forums for Diversity in Graduate Education.

Chapman University Supports for Students of Diverse Backgrounds

Chapman University provides extensive supports for our students once they are on campus. These supports include:

These strategies support the mission and vision of the Attallah College to expand the diversity of our student population and support our increasingly diverse student population.

Diversity Recruitment Actions in Progress

  • Committed $9 million over the next five years in “Give Something Back” partnership to help recruit foster youth, students with incarcerated parents and students with extreme family hardships
  • Our Orange County Heritage Grant established $200,000 commitment for Orange County high-need students who are merit eligible and plan to live at home.
  • Established a partnership with Santa Ana High School that will offer 10 full scholarships to graduating seniors each year
  • Opened a new Veterans Resource Center opened in January 2019
  • Expanded Cross-Cultural Center
  • Invested more financial resources into The Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Chapman Diversity Project, The Latinx & Latin American Studies Minor, The Promising Futures Summer Bridge Program
  • Developing a Community College Pathways project with our neighbor community college districts. This is a highly supported pathway to recruit and retain more diverse undergraduates broadly as well as specifically targeting community college students who self-identify as future teacher candidates. The rationale for this supported pathway is to prepare future educators that reflect our local community so that they can bring their diverse perspectives back to our PK-12 classrooms in support of success for all students.

Attallah College Diversity Recruitment Process

Attallah College Student Advisement & Supports


+ - 2.3-2.4 Credentialing and Support

2.3 Appropriate information and personnel are clearly identified and accessible to guide each candidate’s attainment of program requirements.

Submitted as part of Program Review

2.4 Evidence regarding progress in meeting competency and performance expectations is consistently used to guide advisement and candidate support efforts. A clearly defined process is in place to identify and support candidates who need additional assistance to meet competencies.

Submitted as part of Program Review