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The Strategic Plan

Our Path to Greatness

» Chapman's Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2028

Since the early 1990s, Chapman University has experienced unprecedented growth and academic achievement. We have accomplished this growth through the implementation of a series of five-year strategic plans and the support and hard work of the Chapman Family.

The next five-year plan, Our Path to Greatness, is the seventh plan in the series. It lays out the first five years of an ambitious 15 year University’s plan for 2023-24 through 2027-28 centered on the five priorities below and the specific initiatives that support them:

Strategic Priorities

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence at Chapman University will focus on the creation of a community of inspiring and germinal teacher-scholars who, with the support of an engaged and dedicated staff, will attract talented and diverse students to an environment that challenges students academically, nurtures their intellectual curiosity and ensures their holistic development and success as lifelong learners and global citizens.

Expanding Graduate Health Science Programs

Enhance programs and state-of-the-art facilities at the Rinker Health Science Campus in Irvine to provide even more career opportunities and meet community needs.

Organizational Excellence

Invest in development tools, processes and technology so Chapman faculty, staff and administrators at all levels can deliver a consistently outstanding Chapman Experience.

Campus Projects Enhancing Community-Building

Through campus place-making, infill development and campus Integration, we will deepen the recognition of campus as a shared resource for community-building and for enhancing the academic experience and life at Chapman.

Comprehensive Campaign

Complete a $500 million comprehensive giving campaign that will drive Chapman’s overall success with a focus on increasing the endowment with the long-term goal of $2 billion by 2037.

Celebrating the Success of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Chapman's New Brand Campaign

Our inspiration bring each of us to Chapman. Our drive pushes us to rise to the challenges of a changing world.

With the development of this new strategic plan comes a renewed energy and push to optimize the brand and the Chapman Experience. The new brand campaign harnesses the drive the Chapman community and tells the story of our impact.

Our brand is how we tell our story. It is our distinct look, feel and voice that builds national recognition. It’s the stories we tell that set us apart.

Inspired by Chapman. At Chapman, we know that inspiration can come from everywhere. From a supportive campus community, a dazzling performance, a research breakthrough, an encounter with someone who widens your perspective. Here, inspiration thrives in a campus community that pulses with indescribable energy, an intellectual, creative, and social vibrancies.

President Daniele Struppa

Letter from the President

Unlike the previous 5-year strategic plans that Chapman developed, this plan should be viewed as the first in a series of three plans leading to 2037-38 with the ultimate goal of redefining Chapman University as one of the great institutions of the United States. This assertion begs the question of what one means by ‘great institution.’ ...