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Continuing Student Housing Options

» Continuing Student Housing Options

Students going in to their second year at Chapman get to move from the residence halls into one of our Chapman-owned apartment complexes and will be guaranteed a space.

After your second year, you can still apply for Chapman housing or you can also choose to live off campus.

Chapman-owned Apartments

Choose one of the apartment complexes below to learn more about it, including info about room occupancy, parking, amenities and more. 

You’ll also find details about each building’s distance from campus. Some apartments are right on campus. Others are within a few miles; for these we provide a regular shuttle service to and from campus.

Take a tour of continuing student housing

Learn more about our housing for continuing students on this 360-degree virtual tour.

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Who you'll live with

As a continuing student, you will have the option to choose your own roommates, or have them assigned. You can either:

  • Select preferred roommates when you apply. If you know who you would like to live with, you can submit that information along with your housing application. We will do our best to fulfill your request.
  • Select housing by yourself. If you don’t have preferred roommates, our staff will assist you with selecting available spaces during the housing selection process.
Life in the Chapman apartments
What is living in our apartments like? For these Chapman upperclassmen, it’s meant homework at the kitchen table, dinner with friends and a sense of independence that’s made all the difference. Read their story to find out more.

Why the move?

At Chapman, we require all first-year students to start off in the residence halls, then move into an apartment in their second year. Why?

We think living in an apartment setting gives you the chance to grow both academically and personally. In our apartments, you’ll have:

  • A greater sense of independence.
  • The chance to room with people that you choose, as you further find your community and place on campus.

Meal plans

Meal plans are optional for continuing students. Plus, Chapman-owned apartments have their own kitchens, which we encourage you to use. But if you’d like to sign up for one, you can check out your options on our meal plans page and choose one that complements how often you like to cook.

Living and working in Chapman housing

Continuing students can apply to become Resident Advisors (RAs), who live in Chapman housing and help create vibrant, safe and supportive communities for our students. You can learn more on our Student Employment page.

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