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Panther Housing Selection for the 2024-2025 academic year

We are excited for you to reside in our Chapman community again! Current first-year and continuing students are able to select where they live through the Panther Housing Selection process. The Panther Housing Selection process is held every spring semester.

Note about the live-in requirement: Currently enrolled continuing students are required to live in Chapman housing through the end of their second year. Students going into their second year will be guaranteed a space in Chapman housing.

The Process Chapman Grand roommates

1. Apply for Housing by the priority deadline

Current first-year and continuing students will apply for housing for the 2024-2025 academic year through the Chapman Housing Portal between Monday, February 26thMonday, March 11th. In order for your housing application to be considered complete, you must also submit the $500 non-refundable housing reservation payment by March 11th.

Note: There is no advantage or benefit to applying early or on the first day. All applications and housing reservation payments that are received by March 11th, will be considered in our initial selection process pool.

2. Receive a randomized timeslot via email

Before the start of Panther Housing Selection, students who have applied will receive a randomized timeslot emailed to their Chapman student email. The timeslot will indicate the time and day students can go to select their housing in person. 

Note: the timeslot that you are assigned does not guarantee that you will be able to select any particular assignment. 

3. Attend in-person housing selection

Students will come in-person at their given timeslot, or at the earliest time slot in their preferred roommate group, to select housing for the 2024-2025 academic year. We highly discourage students from skipping academic obligations to attend housing selection.

  • Students with preferred roommates: Preferred roommate groups can designate someone in the group to select housing on behalf of the entire group. Be sure to have discussions about all housing options before selecting.

  • Students without preferred roommates: Students without preferred roommates, can come to the selection process by themselves, and staff members will assist them with selecting available spaces.

4. Receive a confirmation email

After the Panther Housing Selection process has concluded, the Office of Residence Life and First Year Experience will send a confirmation email around mid-July with information regarding assigned building, unit, and roommates.


  1. February 26th, 2024: Housing application opens.
  2. March 11th, 2024: Priority deadline (housing application closes).
  3. March 25th & 26th: Chapman Court priority housing selection for eligible students only.*
  4. April 2nd-10th, 2024: Panther Housing Selection.
  5. Mid-July: Students will receive a confirmation email with housing assignments and roommate information.
  6. August 22nd-25th 2024: Move-in dates. More information regarding moving into the new space will be provided by the building manager during the summer. 

*Chapman Court housing selection: Students are eligible to participate in the Chapman Court selection process if they have gone on a Chapman Court tour before March 11th, and have fully completed their housing application. To inquire about tours, please email reslife@chapman.edu.

Housing options for continuing students:

Entry Term Priority:

Timeslots to select housing will be randomized within each Entry Term. Entry Term refers to the academic session that you started taking classes at Chapman. Below is the 2024 Entry Term priority:

  • 1st: Fall 2023, Interterm 2024, and Spring 2024
  • 2nd: Fall 2022, Interterm 2023, and Spring 2023
  • 3rd: Anyone entering Spring 2022 or earlier

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