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Environmental Audits

Environmental Audit Beginning in 2013, the graduating classes of the Environmental Science and Policy Program perform an Environmental Audit for Chapman University each year. This project serves to determine a baseline for Chapman University and provide support for the current sustainability programs and future sustainability planning. The class of 2013 Environmental Audit looked at ten areas, including dining, waste and recycling, energy management, and water use. Subsequent years have looked into each of these areas more closely. 

Water- Refill Stations

Water- refill stations

In an effort to reduce plastic consumption campus-wide, Chapman began installing water bottle refilling stations in 2012. Members of the Chapman Community can bring reusable water bottles and refill them at any of the stations on campus or in residence life areas. These water bottle refill stations have helped to reduce Chapman's production of plastic waste.

Learn more details about the stations on our Water- Refill Stations page.

Additionally, take the pledge to stop buying disposable plastic water bottles on campus!

Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors

Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors

As part of a pilot project in March of 2013 Chapman University installed three Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors on the main campus. These three dual trash and recycling units replaced eight trash bins and seven recycling bins on main campus. The 15 bins that the Big Bellys replaced had to be checked twice a day, every day. Instead of requiring someone to physically check every bin, the Big Bellys send an email to the custodians when they are full. The three pilot bins are emptied roughly 1.3 times a week, so our custodial staff was able to re-allocate the saved time to other projects. Because the pilot project was so successful, in the fall of 2013 Chapman added seven more dual trash and recycling Big Bellys to the campus landscape, and continues to expand our usage of these units across campus.

Learn more about the Big Bellys on our Waste Management page.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Chapman University currently has eight electric vehicle charging stations on campus. The GE WattStation charging units found in Lastinger, Barrera, West Campus, DMAC and Miller Parking Structures and the Knott Studios Parking Lot are the very first stations of their kind to be installed on a college campus in America! 

Learn more about the EV Charging Stations on our Sustainable Transportation page.

EnviroPure Comes to Campus

EnviroPure Comes to Campus

Sodexo and Chapman Restaurant Services installed the EnviroPure Food Digester in an effort to reduce the amount of waste leaving campus and decrease expenses associated with organic waste management. The EnviroPure digests all organic waste leaving the Randall Dining Commons using bacteria whose natural processes are aided by the introduction of water and air. The EnviroPure is allowing the University to revamp its waste management strategy across many areas on campus and in turn is contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste-hauling expenses.

Learn more about Sodexo's sustainability efforts on our Sodexo information page, or from the Chapman Restaurant Services website.