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A university the size of Chapman produces a significant amount of waste on a daily basis. An important step to becoming a more eco-friendly campus is looking for ways to reduce waste production as much as possible. The Sustainability Department has researched and studied the best ways to do so.

In addition, Chapman Restaurant Service understandably produces a significant amount of waste every day from both the Dining Hall and its food stores around campus. They have made significant progress in raising awareness about our waste production and have managed to limit their contribution to waste.

Big Belly Solar

The Big Belly began as a pilot project, to determine whether or not they were effective and worth investing in. After much success, Chapman installed more of them and now they can be found in 13 locations on campus. They have increased the efficiency of our custodial staff by sending them an email when they need to be emptied.

Weigh the Waste

Weigh the Waste that takes place monthly in Chapman's Dining Hall. It was created as an educational program geared to assist students in post-consumer waste reduction. In addition to Weigh the Waste, Sodexo has a variety of other sustainability initiatives focused on recycling and waste management, including composting and reusable service-ware.

Water Filling Station

In an effort to reduce plastic consumption campus-wide, Chapman began installing water bottle filling stations in 2012. Members of the Chapman community can bring reusable water bottles and refill them at any of the stations on campus or in residence life areas. These water bottle refill stations have helped to reduce Chapman's production of plastic waste.

2013 Environmental Audit

The Environmental Audit produced by the Class of 2013 from the Environmental Science and Policy program contained several sections regarding Chapman's handling of waste and recyclables, including Waste Management and Recycling. Read their findings and recommendations using the link below.

CR & R Recycling Guidelines

Not sure what should and should not be recycled? CR & R, Chapman's waste management provider, supplies a helpful diagram to illustrate what can be recycled and what is trash. A link to the diagram is provided below.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Chapman's Risk Management office is responsible for managing the safe disposal of hazardous materials. Any Chapman department or individual can fill out the Hazardous Waste Disposal form, which can be accessed from the "Learn more" link below. For questions, contact Risk Management's Environmental Health and Safety Manger Karen Swift at swift@chapman.edu.

Surplus Assets

Chapman Financial Services is responsible for handling fixed and surplus assets taken in by the university. Surplus assets are either given to a department in need within the school or to a charity organization. If you have surplus assets you would like to contribute, use the link below to find the

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