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The Sustainable Economic Development Consulting Team consults with local small businesses regarding the long-term economics of their organizations. Our goal is to enable and encourage the perpetuation of the organizations we work with beyond the tenures of their founders and leaders through a unique, individualized approach to foundational business principles.

Mission Statement

The SEDC team seeks to implement and showcase a new business strategy in which organizations of almost any nature can stay economically viable not only in the short- and medium-terms but also in the long-term. We tailor this strategy to each of the individual organizations we consult with, shifting focus away from short-term and day-to-day operations and onto more fundamental aspects that shape a company’s long-term prospects.

Member Benefits

SEDC is a select group of highly self-motivated individuals who strive for continuous improvement and the acquisition of knowledge in the fields of business, economics, and political science. If you accept the challenge to learn outside of the classroom you will receive real-world experiences as a result of consulting directly with businesses in the Southern California area.

How To Join

There are no explicit requirements to join the SEDC team other than a willingness to work. This is a small group and as such those wishing to join the team must show that they are devoted and accountable – the group is about more than just adding something to one’s resume.

There is no official application, but there is an interview process in which current members and alums determine if a student will fit into the group. It must be noted that this group is open to any and all Chapman students, regardless of major or age, but is distinctively geared towards those with an economics or business interest.

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