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The Board of Counselors is an advisory board for the dean of The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics. This elite group is involved in developing our vision of service to corporate leaders in Orange County and throughout Southern California. Board members receive tickets to prestigious events like the Chapman University Economic Forecast and other programs offered by The Argyros School.

The Board:

  • helps provide the strategic vision for the Argyros School through interaction with the dean
  • plays a vital role in raising essential funds to enhance the quality of education
  • helps shape the programs in the business curriculum
  • interacts with students and faculty through hosting MBA team projects, interns and mentees
  • represents the vibrant business community in Southern California

You may be interested in:

  • speaking to students to share your business perspective
  • having hand-picked student interns
  • hiring our graduates
  • sending your key employees through our programs

At the Argyros School, it is our goal to be a valuable resource to local businesses, by performing and disseminating economic and business research of the highest quality and graduating students with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong understanding of how business operates both locally and globally. Involvement from business leaders like you is vital to our success. As a Counselor, you'll provide a critical link to the marketplace for our students, and that keeps our programs current and practical. Please contact us to join or learn more.

photo of Mike Ahmar

Mike Ahmar

President of the Board
photo of Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson

President & COO
A. Gary Anderson Family Foundation
photo of The Honorable George Argyros '59

The Honorable George Argyros '59

Chairman & CEO
no photo available for Shannon Argyros

Shannon Argyros

photo of Don Bailey

Don Bailey

Board Member
photo of Cyrus Bozorgi

Cyrus Bozorgi

President & CEO
photo of Phillip Case

Phillip Case

no photo available for Mark Clemens

Mark Clemens

Managing Partner
photo of Adam Cohen MBA '09

Adam Cohen MBA '09

photo of Jerry Cwiertnia

Jerry Cwiertnia

Chairman & CEO
photo of Randy Davis MA '72, Ph.D.

Randy Davis MA '72, Ph.D.

President & Founder
RCD Consulting
photo of Christopher De Rosa

Christopher De Rosa

photo of John DeCero

John DeCero

President & CEO
photo of James Ducote MBA '02

James Ducote MBA '02

Chief Financial Officer
photo of Lucy Dunn

Lucy Dunn

President & CEO
photo of Bob Elliott

Bob Elliott

Elliott Investment Company
photo of Andy Fathollahi

Andy Fathollahi

President & CEO
A-Type Ventures
photo of Robin Follman-Otta EMBA '15

Robin Follman-Otta EMBA '15

Chief Operating Officer
photo of Alex Hayden '95

Alex Hayden '95

Board Chair
Executive Vice President
photo of Joe Hernandez EMBA '09

Joe Hernandez EMBA '09

Senior Vice President
photo of Patty Juarez

Patty Juarez

Senior Vice President
photo of Kim Letch

Kim Letch

Office Managing Partner
photo of Vance Maddocks

Vance Maddocks

photo of Rick Rayson

Rick Rayson

Senior Audit Partner
photo of Richard Reisman

Richard Reisman

Publisher & CEO
photo of Scott Sherman

Scott Sherman

EVP, Human Resources
photo of Frank Sims

Frank Sims

MacArthur Sims Properties
photo of Christine Sims

Christine Sims

MacArthur Sims Properties
photo of Donald Sodaro

Donald Sodaro

Chairman of the Board & CEO
Hanford Hotels, Inc.
photo of Ron Soderling

Ron Soderling

Owner - Senior Partner
photo of Allen Staff

Allen Staff

Market President & Region Executive
photo of Khanh Tran

Khanh Tran

photo of Jason Traut '98

Jason Traut '98

Chief Financial Officer
photo of Diane Uehlinger '80

Diane Uehlinger '80

Senior Loan Officer
photo of Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks EMBA '16

Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks EMBA '16

photo of Robert Waltos Jr.

Robert Waltos Jr.

CEO & Founder
photo of Nella Webster O'Grady '71

Nella Webster O'Grady '71

photo of Roger Weninger '85

Roger Weninger '85

Orange County Office Managing Partner
photo of Ted Wilm

Ted Wilm

Managing Partner

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