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photo of Nika Rahbari
Nika Rahbari
My name is Nika Rahbari and I am your Chapman GBA president. It will be my pleasure to be a part of planning events for all the graduate students here at the Argyros School of Business and Economics. After graduating with my bachelors from San Diego State in 2010 I worked in non-profits, municipalities, sales and fitness. I started the MBA program in Fall of 2015. Attending Chapman has given me a lifetime of memories and I hope to create the same for others. This year I will focus on connecting the students from all the cohorts through engaging events to enjoy between our studying and group projects. I hope to catch you at one of the events soon! Feel free to contact me at Rahba103@mail.chapman.edu
photo of Ashkan Payami
Ashkan Payami
Board Member
My name is Ashkan Payami, and I am honored to be a part of this great team representing the students enrolled in Chapman’s MBA program. Currently, I am a second year student in the full-time program, and part of what made my first year such a great experience was getting know everyone in all the cohorts through social events. For my undergrad, I attended UC Santa Barbara where I got my B.S. in Aquatic Biology, and I also worked as a leader at the Student Health Center to put on events for students, staff, and faculty in the Santa Barbara community. I am looking forward to bringing students together and I encourage everyone in this program to attend our events and get to know one another on a personal and professional level.
photo of Lexy Elk
Lexy Elk
Board Member
Hello, my name is Lexy Elk and I am a full time student in the MBA Program from Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from Ohio University with my B.S. in Early Childhood Education. After graduation, I worked for my family’s law firm in their marketing department. I knew I wanted to expand my passion for marketing and Chapman University was the perfect fit! While at Chapman I have met so many wonderful people and will cherish the memories created. It is our goal this year to plan exciting events so that everyone can participate in networking and connecting with all of the MBA students. I am excited to be a team member of the Chapman Graduate Business Association, bringing all of you a memorable year at Chapman University. I can’t wait to see everyone at our events!
photo of Mollie Duner
Mollie Duner
Board Member
My name is Mollie Duner and I am a full time student in the Chapman MBA Program. I am originally from Huntington Beach, California. I did my undergrad at George Washington University and Chapman University and I currently work in the hospitality industry. I am looking forward to all of the wonderful events we have planned for this academic year. I encourage everyone to attend, network, and get to know your fellow students. I have met some amazing people through this program and I know that we will stay connected even after graduation.
photo of Tara Bokosky
Tara Bokosky
Board Member
My name is Tara Bokosky, and I am currently a second year student in Chapman’s professional MBA program. I also received my undergraduate degree at Chapman in Integrated Educational Studies and continued to pursue a career in special education. I decided to pursue an MBA in order to work at the administrative level in our public school system. This program has offered much more than just an education; it has given me the opportunity to work with such knowledgeable colleagues.