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» Center for Creative and Cultural Industries

In June of 2019 the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries was officially launched. As a Center, the CCI program will have more resources, opportunities and exposure, which will enable us to continue to grow the curriculum, and increase opportunities for students the areas of research, internships, course offerings, visiting researchers and individualized education.

The Center is housed at 428 N. Glassell Street, in one of Chapman University’s historically refurbished properties. The space is designed to house CCI’s Director and key faculty, such as Dr. Fuery and Dr. Larkin, but also to be a place where CCI students can congregate in the inviting front room with its large bay window, and access to CCI source materials and program information and planning tools.

The Center for CCI is also the home of CCI’s incubator program. First envisioned as a launching ground for CCI students to build ongoing CCI projects in California and Europe, the incubator also gives CCI students the opportunity to work with high end equipment in the areas of graphics, audio recording and editing, marketing design and VR.

Upcoming projects for the Center will include CCI student run social media programing, as well as the CCI Mentor Program, which will involve Alumni and event parents of current and former students, will offer invaluable insight, and knowledge for our CCI students through this program.

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Minor in Creative and Cultural Industries

Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the arts and humanities. CCI looks at the vast array of creative and cultural activities from a local to global perspective, with subject areas as diverse as media, fashion, tourism, museums, art galleries, publishing, gaming, and visual cultures. A Minor in Creative and Cultural Industries requires a total of 21 credits in CCI with a minimum of twelve upper-division credits distributed as in the catalog.

For more in formation on this minor please visit the Creative and Cultural Industries Minor page.

CCI Lecture Series

CCI has hosted several positively received lecture series’ , such as Empowering Women through CCI, that featured such well known figures as Christine Sinapi, professor at the Burgundy School of Business (Dijon, France), where she is the Coordinator of the Management of Culture and Arts Research Cluster, and Head of the Finance – Law – Control Department. She is regarded as one of the leading women in the field of creative industries and management. Her research and publications are strongly interdisciplinary, examining connections between the arts (including theatre and film), cultural theory, law, and business. 

Štepánka  Jislová, a young comic book author/illustrator from Prague whose talk explored the links between the communities of Prague and those she encounters in Southern California.

Spanish artist Janire Nájera , whose lecture dealt with “Moving Forward, Looking Back: Journeys Across the Old Spanish Trail” an artistic project combining photography, video, and sound by who has explored the Spanish legacy along the Old Spanish Trail.

The series Creativity and Culture: CCI in Conversation, of which the highlight was most certainly the panel on which Dr. Patrick Fuery and Dr. Kelli Fuery were able to sit down with Dr. Christopher Bollas, one of the most famous living psychoanalysts for his ideas on creativity and psychoanalysis, in conjunction with famed film maker, Director Ken McMullen, as they discussed the latter’s critically acclaimed film Ghost Dance.

In 2019/20 CCI will be continuing it’s tradition of bringing trend setters and big names in the world of Creative and Cultural Industries, with it’s upcoming series, CCI By Design: a Look at how institutions, government and small businesses approach the Creative and Cultural Industries. Dates and speakers to be announced.

CCI Events

The Creative and Cultural Industries at Chapman have participated in some of the most high profile events at the University. Through international and domestic connections, CCI has contributed to and/or hosted events featuring top musicians, such as Pablo Caminero and the O.F.N.I. Trio, authors such as Cheryl Strayed and Max Brooks, and screenwriters, directors and television producers such as Lisa Joy.

Be sure to check back here for upcoming CCI events in the 2019/20 Academic Year.


A key aspect of our CCI program is to support students in their diverse interests, giving them an understanding of the wide range of areas covered, as well as experience in their chosen fields. To do this we are designing the program to give students ‘real world’ engagement through self-designed courses, engaging visiting speakers, and a diverse internship program. Already CCI students have earned creative economy internships in such areas as fashion, web-design and marketing, media production, and music. To learn more about how to approach CCI internships go to our CCI internship page.


The Center for Creative and Cultural Industries plans to be a leading resource for CCI students in the area of research support and funding. For more information on CCI research projects and support visit our CCI Research and Resources page.


For information on how CCI students can gain help with research, funding, and pedagogical support, please visit our CCI Research and Resources page.

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