» Wilkinson College Graduate Studies

Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences currently offers six master's level degrees: Master of Arts in English, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Dual Degree Program: Master of Arts in English and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Master of Science in Health and Strategic Communication, Master of Arts in International Studies and Master of Arts in War and Society.

Master of Arts in English
The MA in English is usually seen as bridge to Ph.D. studies, and our faculty is able to offer an exceptional background in a wide range of English studies. We also recognize that for some students the MA can be used for advancement in high school teaching or for employment at community colleges throughout the country. The master in English is aimed at enabling students to receive the historical background, the writing confidence, and the critical thinking skills to pursue careers in English or other humanistic endeavors. This is a two-year program.

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
The M.F.A. is a terminal degree in creative writing. Many M.F.A. graduates teach at two- and four-year colleges, publish their work, or go on to professional careers in writing and editing. The M.F.A. writing program at Chapman fosters the growth of fiction writers and poets through workshops, techniques courses, literature courses, the John Fowles Literary Forum Core, and the literary journal Elephant Tree. The culmination of each M.F.A. writing student’s work is a book-length thesis project in fiction or poetry. (Students may complete a thesis in creative nonfiction, stage drama, or screenplay, with the approval of the graduate program director.)

Dual MA/MFA Degree
The dual degree combines the MFA in creative writing and the MA in English. It was created for students who wish to combine the practice and study of creative writing with literary scholarship. The Dual degree was specifically designed to meet the needs of students who intend to pursue a career in teaching English and creative writing at the university, community college or secondary school level. This is a three-year program.

Master of Arts in International Studies
The Master of Arts in international studies is a two-year, interdisciplinary course of study designed to train students seeking careers in the U.S. Foreign Service, the United Nations and its specialized agencies, or international non-governmental organizations. The MA in international studies provides an integrative curriculum including political science, comparative sociology, economics with an emphasis on trade and development, social psychology, foreign languages and other related fields. The international studies degree is distinguished by overseas summer internships and an emphasis in the influence of cultural forces on international affairs.

Master of Arts in War and Society
War and Society scholars expand the study of warfare beyond its military, diplomatic and political dimensions by examining the social and cultural aspects of how societies go to war, experience war and its consequences. Chapman University’s Master of Arts in war and society is built around the themes and methodological approaches that comprise the field of war & society studies. All courses connect to these themes and methodological approaches, offering a transnational and interdisciplinary perspective on the field of war and society. In addition to a shared core of themes and methodological approaches, the program focuses on the lived experience and consequences of war.