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Where is the Department of Art located on campus?

Moulton Hall (by the Guggenheim Gallery).

How many faculty teach in the department?

There are 10 fulltime faculty and up to 30 part time lecturers each semester.

What degrees does the Department of Art offer?

We offer 3 degrees - BFA Studio Art, BFA Graphic Design & BA Art History.

How many students are in the Department of Art?

There are 290 officially declared Art Majors & Minors for 2020-21.

If I’m a student at Chapman, can I take art classes?

Yes, some of our classes are offered to non-Art Majors & Minors. However, most of our art classes are for officially declared Art Majors & Minors.


How do current students apply to be become an Art Major or Minor or switch Majors to the Arts?

Visit, for instructions. Students are encouraged to speak with their Academic Advisor for guidance & should thoroughly consider the time commitment to each program before declaring a double major. Our BFA Studio Art & Graphic Design degrees have substantial time commitments outside the classroom which can be challenging to juggle with other activities. This also applies for the Minor. All applications require department approval, it is not automatic entry.

If I’m a new 1st Year or Transfer student coming to Chapman, how do I apply or declare Studio Art, Art History or Graphic Design as my Major?

Please contact the Office of Admissions regarding the application process and deadlines.

For current Transfer students, is there a difference in application deadlines?

No. But please visit, for instructions & deadlines.

What if I don’t have any experience in art or design?

Your application and portfolio will demonstrate your love and understanding of art, telling us about your creative abilities and endeavors. Everyone is creative in their own way, show us your best artwork.

Can I tour the department and facilities?

Yes, please email for an appointment.