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Can I submit additional letters of recommendation?

Yes, we accept additional letters from the best person who can speak to your creative talent, progress and skills.

What if I don't have any prior experience in art or design?

We hope your application and portfolio will demonstrate your love and understanding of art, telling us about your creative abilities and endeavors. Everyone is creative in their own way, show us your best artwork.

Can I double major, switch majors and or, apply to minor in the arts?

All students at Chapman University can double major and free to do so at any time, with the guidance of their Academic Advisor. Students should thoroughly consider the time commitment to each program before declaring a double major. Our BFA Studio Art and Graphic Design programs have substantial time commitments outside the classroom which can be challenging to juggle with other activities. This also applies for the Minor in Studio Art, Graphic Design and Art History. Please contact if you’re interested in a Minor and or Major in Art History, Studio Art or Art and Graphic Design as they require departmental approval, it is not automatic entry. If you’re a new incoming student, please contact the Office of Admissions regarding double majoring as part of the Common Application process.

Is the application process different for Transfer students?

For new incoming Transfer students, the difference is the application deadlines. Please contact the Office of Admissions for dates. For current Transfer students already at Chapman University, please contact

How do I submit an application?

For current students, please contact For new students, after submitting your Common Application, you will receive access to your Creative Supplement within your Status Page. It is then and there you can upload all required materials.


How long does it take for a decision to be made?

For a current Chapman University student, applications are reviewed and a decision is made within 7 business days.