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students walkingThe Department of World Languages offers a variety of courses in language studies. Below is a list and some information about the course subjects. To find out more about these classes, please visit the department at 127 DeMille Hall on campus or give us a call at (714) 997-6843.

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American Sign Language

ASL 101 is an introduction to the fundamentals of American Sign Language. The course will prepare students to work within a visual environment and initiate basic visual/gestural communication in ASL.

ASL 102 expands further on the intermediate aspects of learning American Sign Language.

ASL 201 allows students to transition from comprehension to actual production of ASL. 

In each level, one will learn more about Deaf culture and the Deaf community.


Arabic1Students taking the Arabic Arabic Clubacademic program develop skills in reading, writing, and speaking in Arabic commencing with the study of basic grammar and vocabulary. Students strengthen reading and writing skills through different mechanisms including popular media and literary selections while also noting customs and cultures of the Arabic-speaking world. The mission of the Arabic courses offered is to expand a students’ knowledge of the Arabic language and help students become global citizens.

Students can also learn Arabic in countries where it is spoken. There are semester study abroad programs in Morocco, United Arab Emirates, and Jordan where students have opportunities to take Arabic language courses and other humanities courses.
Visit the Center for Global Education for more information.

Folloinstagram w the Arabic Language Club on Instagram and be the first to know about upcoming events and activites.



Chinese StudentsThe mission of the Chinese Language Program is to serve the needs of the students at Chapman University with a program focusing on aiding students to broaden their educational horizon and achieving their career goals. Chinese language classes stress on learning from authentic materials. Elementary Chinese 101 and 102, and Intermediate Chinese 201 are the introductory courses that fulfill the language requirement at Chapman University. Chinese 202 and 301A are designed to continue students’ Chinese language skills in developing practical conversational skills and to acquire an intermediate proficiency in the reading and writing in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters at the adequate level. Chinese 347(business Chinese) focuses on using the target language properly in a professional business setting. It is designed for students aspiring to China-focused careers and those interested in learning Chinese with materials related to business. In this course students will acquire basic business-related Chinese language skills and gain a cross-cultural perspective of Chinese business practices.

We hold Chinese culture events both in class and after class. Such as Chinese table, Taiwanese Movie day and the Chinese culture hands-on culture workshops in making Chinese festival related handcrafts, writing calligraphy, etc. See news about the event: http://goo.gl/QjiW81 and http://goo.gl/DVM3xV

Students, with approval for the department, have the option of taking Independent Studies and Research and Conference classes for course credit.

Students can also learn Chinese language during summer/Interterm travel course to Taiwan. Or learn Chinese for a semester abroad in Taiwan or China! Visit the Center for Global Education for more information.

The B.A. in Global Communication and World Languages (Chinese).

This degree is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to combine their interests in Chinese with the study of evidence–based communication approaches to create shared meaning and understanding of messages. Students become productive global citizens as they learn how to engage in rigorous application of communication theory and research while increasing linguistic and practical skills and broadening their awareness of culture to prepare for the global workplace. Graduates are in high demand as they combine core communication skills with high-level proficiency in a world language. They will be able to pursue careers in diplomacy, government, health care professions, journalism, NGOs, philanthropic organizations with international reach and more. The nine-credit hour Capstone sequence, which includes a service learning course/internship, intensive research in their chosen language, and a senior seminar in the global workplace, will provide students with hands on experience, which future employers will value. The major consists of 45 credits taken through the School of Communication and Italian Studies. For more information, click here.



The French Program at Chapman University has a long tradition of excellence with great instructors who enhance the learning atmosphere with their unique insights on various aspects of the Francophone world.  Studying French at Chapman is a tremendous experience that empowers the learner to choose the direction of their own education within the degree itself.  The framework for a major or minor is in place with several choices available every semester.

Learn more about the French Program


Learning German can connect you to 120 million native speakers of the language around the globe, and many people learn German as a second language. It is the third most widely taught foreign language worldwide and the second most popular in Europe and Japan, after English.

Learn more about the German Program

Ancient Greek

Students taking the Greek academic program develop skills in reading, writing, and speaking in Greek commencing with the study of basic grammar and vocabulary. Students strengthen reading and writing skills through different mechanisms offered by experts in the Greek language in the department of languages.


Our program offers a full range of instruction from elementary language classes to upper-level courses in Italian and Italian-American literature, film, and culture. We are a group of committed professors dedicated to assisting individual students in growing professionally and personally, both at Chapman University and on an international level. Chapman University's italophile character also offers numerous possibilities to experience Italy while on campus through student events organized by the Italian Club, operas performed by the Conservatory of Music, numerous Italian American and International celebrations, and resources such as the Italian Heritage archive and group study room at the Leatherby Library.

Learn more about the Italian Program


Japanese Studies studentsThe Japanese Studies Program is a vibrant entity in the Department of Languages at Chapman University. The program actively pursues the advancement and improvement of the Japanese Studies program benefiting the students tremendously. Each semester at least one upper-division course is offered to facilitate the completion of a Japanese Studies Minor for interested students.

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Non scholae, sed vitae discimus: what does it mean?

If you knew Latin, you would know. But why study Latin and the Classical Humanities? We'll answer this question with Cicero's own words:

Nescire autem quid ante quam natus sis acciderit, id est semper esse puerum. Quid enim est aetas hominis, nisi ea memoria rerum veterum cum superiorum aetate contexitur? "Not knowing what happened before you were born is to be stuck in childhood forever. What does a person's life amount to without the historical consciousness that weaves one's life into the life of earlier generations?" Cicero, Orator XXXIV.

Latin is in our culture, in our language, in our history, in our institutions, in our music, in our sciences, in our religions. Its influence remains as strong as ever, in all fields of human intellectual achievement. If you study English, French, Italian, Spanish, or German, the benefits of studying also Latin are tangible.

If you are interested in literature, law, history, myths, art, find out where it all begun. Studying and knowing Latin gives us the ability to better interpret and understand the world around us, because nos sumus tempora: quales sumus, talia sunt tempora (Augustine). If you learn Latin, you will be standing on the shoulders of giants.

For more information, please contact, Dr. Jared Hammad at hammad@chapman.edu or (714) 997-6843.


Spanish is widely spoken here in California and throughout the United States. The Spanish academic program is dedicated to promoting culturally and linguistically competent citizens in our multicultural and multilingual society. It is the largest program in the languages department instructing more than 700 students each academic semester. About 100 students choose Spanish as their major or minor for their undergraduate degree.

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