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Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing academic disciplines. The study of CCI at Chapman examines a vast array of cultural and creative activities, covering topics as diverse as media, fashion, tourism, museums, art galleries, publishing, video games, social media, emerging technologies, and visual cultures. This minor explores how such activities influence our understanding and experience of culture, and the wider social, political and economic implications of their development as industries. CCI is also about the nature of creativity: how we use creative practices to solve problems, develop new ideas and innovations, and to challenge and disrupt established ways of thinking. The minor is taught from local, national and global perspectives. Traditional studies of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are being radically reshaped by the research and practices of the Creative and Cultural Industries; as such, CCI can be defined as the new liberal arts for the 21st century.

What can you do with a CCI minor?
Graduating with a minor in CCI will position you competitively in one of the fastest growing job markets both nationally and globally. Creative and critical thinking are regularly listed as some of the most desirable skills sought by employers today. The minor will equip you with analytical skills through rigorous classroom instruction and practical experience through internships with industry leading organizations. The minor will prepare students for dynamic careers in the culture, media, business, and creative industry sectors

What careers does CCI equip you for?

  • Arts, Design & Fashion Industries
  • Music & the Entertainment Industries
  • Video Games and other Digital Media Companies
  • Museums, Art Galleries, and the Tourism Sector
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Cultural Policy and Government Research Positions
  • Publishing
  • Non-Profit Organizations (Local, National, Global)
  • Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing
  • Business Leadership and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Postgraduate study

What kind of support does a minor in CCI receive?
A key aspect of our CCI program is to support students in their diverse interests, giving them an understanding of the wide range of areas covered, as well as experience in their chosen fields. To do this we are designing the program to give students ‘real world’ engagement through self-designed courses, engaging visiting speakers, and a diverse internship program. Already CCI students have earned creative economy internships in such areas as fashion, web-design and marketing, media production, and music, interning at such places as The A List, PacSun, Alicia Hankes Styling, Indie Pop!, and ALTO Visuals. CCI also developed partnerships with organizations in the community, most notably working with Orange County Museum of Art to deliver training sessions for students who then conducted visitor experience research at the museum.

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Minor Core Requirement

Course Requirements

A Minor in Creative and Cultural Industries requires a total of 21 credits in CCI with a minimum of 12 upper-division credits distributed as outlined in the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Course Catalog.

How to Apply

To add CCI as your minor you simply go to the Chapman webpage for academic program changes and click on the link for the Major/Minor form that corresponds to your catalog year. You will need to fill out the top of the form with your information, and then at the bottom of the form, you will fill out the info for “Minors”. From the drop down menu pick “Cultural and Creative Industries” and then the check the box below that best applies to how you are adding the minor (as a first minor, second minor, etc.).

From there you can drop the form off with the Creative and Cultural Industries Program Manager, Shannon Halverson, located in the main office for the  Center for Creative and Cultural Industries, at 428 North Glassell, Office 108. If you drop it off in her mailbox without talking to her make sure you leave your email, so she can reach you.

Once it has been signed by the CCI Program Director you will be notified via email it is ready to pick up, at which point you will need to turn it into the Registrar where it will be processed.

Internship Opportunities

We highly recommend our students complete an internship with one of the amazing Creative and Cultural internship opportunities available in Southern California, or through a national or international connection.

To start the process of looking for an internship that might be right for you, we suggest first meet with Erin Berthon, Wilkinson College’s Career Advisor. Erin is available to assist with: Liberal arts career exploration and planning, Internship and job search strategies, Resume, cover letter, and bio tailoring, Personal website and social media review,  Interview preparation and practice, Grad school application materials, helping performers “translate” their unique skills and strengths for applying to non-performance opportunities, and you can reach her at


Research and Funding Support

For information on how CCI students can gain help with research, funding, and pedagogical support, please visit our CCI Research and Resources page.

Travel Courses

For information on CCI travel courses please check with the Center for Global Education.


Q. Where is the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries located?

A. The Center for CCI is now located at 428 N. Glassell, one of the historic houses that is across the street from Campus. Across Glassell from the Musco Center Lawn, next to the Public Safety House to be exact.

Q. What are the Hours for the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries?

A. The office hours are generally 8am-4pm, but if you would like to make an appointment, it is best to reach out to the individual you would like to meet with, check our About Us page for contact information.

Q. I am a CCI minor, but I can’t get into all the CCI courses I need, what can I do?

A. Always make sure that you are on the waitlists for the courses you want, it might seem like a long shot, but there is a lot of people dropping and switching right through the first week of class. You can also write to the professor of the course to see if they have any spare seats available. If they are able they may issue you a permission number to add the course, however this is at the discretion of the professor, and please note, they may not have any spare seats. If you are a student that for certain reasons or circumstances absolutely needs that course that semester, you can talk to the Program Director. In this case it is a good idea to have a course in mind and reasoning for why it is a good substitution, or an idea for a possible independent study, when you meet with the Director. However please note, that it is always your responsibility to check with Academic Advising to make sure that you are within the limits of waiving and/or substituting.

Q. I see that a course has seats reserved for CCI minors, I’m a minor and it still won’t let me register.

A. There maybe other pre-requisites in place, be sure to check, and if you seem to meet all the pre-requisites, but still cannot register, contact the Program Manager at

Q. I am interested in finding an internship in the Creative and Cultural Industries, how do I start?

A. Check out our CCI Research and Resources page, there is a section on Internships.

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