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Additional Course Approvals

» Additional Course Approvals

If you plan on taking an additional course not already approved on your first Global Course Request (GCR) form, follow the process below for adding a class to your schedule while abroad, even if it is already pre-approved on the Global Gateway.

Submitting an Additional GCR Form

  • Plan in advance for any add/drop deadlines at your host institution.
  • To open a new GCR form, log into your application on the Global Gateway and navigate to the "Global Course Request Form" material under the Post-Decision Requirements.
  • You can also contact your Global Education Advisor for access to open a new GCR form.

If you do not have all courses approved by Chapman before your return, your transcript processing, course registration for the subsequent semester, financial aid distribution, and graduation eligibility can be delayed.


If you enroll in a course while abroad that is a prerequisite for a course you wish to take at Chapman after returning, follow the steps emailed to you by the CGE before your registration date. You will receive a permission number to add the class during your assigned registration time.

If a course you take abroad is designated as a substitution and is a prerequisite for a Chapman course you plan to take in the future, the relevant academic department will need to issue you a permission number on the substituted course each time that pre-requisite is required. This does not apply to prerequisites taken abroad that are designated as equivalent to a Chapman course. 

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