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Costs and Financial Aid

» Costs and Financial Aid

Students participating in semester and academic year abroad programs through the Center for Global Education remain enrolled at Chapman University and are billed through Student Business Services at Chapman.

Student Costs & Billing

Chapman students pay Chapman home tuition, (sometimes) room, and (sometimes) board through the Chapman Student Business Services for any semester or academic year abroad program. The most updated costs are available at the Student Business Services. Additionally, a $500 Study Abroad Fee applies. The room fee is based on the continuing students' on-campus double room rate at Chapman. Students are only billed for a meal plan if a meal plan is offered with the program. The benefit is that by remaining enrolled at Chapman while abroad, students continue to utilize Chapman institutional aid for All Current Aid programs and Federal and State financial aid for all programs (see below). Students will also receive Chapman credit and grades for the semester(s) they are abroad.

Chapman tuition fees include many services provided abroad, such as comprehensive health insurance, an in-country orientation, cultural activities, field trips, etc. Each program varies somewhat, and students should refer to their specific program materials and websites for information on what their program covers.

Students do not pay tuition or program fees directly to study programs (e.g., AIFS, Arcadia, Semester at Sea, Temple). Any fees for tuition, room, or housing in an individual program provider catalog or websites are not relevant to Chapman students. Students may pay directly to their program for optional add-ons such as excursions, flight packages, and refundable deposits (see section below).

Special note for housing and meals billing:

  • Housing fees for study abroad students are based on the continuing students' on-campus double room rate at Chapman. Therefore, for those programs that have a range of choices in housing, students opting for more expensive accommodation (i.e., a single room, double outer cabin with porthole, etc.) will be expected to cover the difference between the standard and higher cost option.
  • If you pursue an independent study, reading, conference, or online course while abroad with a Chapman University faculty member or through the main campus, you will be assessed an overload fee.

Withdrawal Policy:

Chapman students will be held to their program provider or host institution's refund policies if they select to withdraw or are withdrawn by staff due to eligibility reasons after they have been accepted. View the refund policies on our website by program.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Chapman students may apply for some or all of their financial aid on semester and academic year programs. Programs fall under two categories of the level of aid applicability:

  • All Current Aid programs allow Chapman students to utilize their entire financial aid package, including Federal, State, and Chapman funding (except for work/study).
  • Federal and State Aid Only programs allow students to apply only Federal and State financial aid (except for work/study) and continue to pay their regular Chapman University comprehensive fee. If a student with Chapman aid goes on a Federal and State Aid Only program, their Chapman aid will be reinstated when they return to campus as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.

Applying financial aid to the Chapman University tuition, room, and board bill will be conducted through the Office of Financial Aid. Students are responsible for any outstanding balances.

Veterans and dependents of veterans must follow the Department of Veteran Affairs policies for benefit use with study abroad.

In addition to financial aid, there are a variety of outside study abroad scholarship opportunities available. Scholarships have various deadlines and award methods and must be arranged independently with the scholarship provider.

Undergraduate Chapman students who identify as First Generation can apply to receive assistance for travel costs for study abroad. Visit Chapman's Promising Futures Program and carefully review eligibility requirements and deadlines.

Tuition Remission and Exchange Benefits

  • Tuition remission benefits are eligible for semester abroad programs as a one-time benefit for either a semester or a full academic year program.
  • Tuition exchange benefits are eligible for semester abroad programs as a one-time benefit for either a semester or a full academic year program.
  • Tuition remission and tuition exchange benefits are eligible for undergraduate summer faculty-led travel courses.


Flights are purchased independently and are not included in Chapman University billing. Some students will have the option to book group flights via their programs. In those cases, costs should be paid directly to the program. It is recommended you wait until your official acceptance and arrival dates from the program before purchasing a flight.


Semester Abroad Budget Worksheets are available to download or pick up at the Center for Global Education to help students budget for additional costs. Additional out-of-pocket expenses may include a passport, visa, textbooks, extra lab or course fees, extracurricular activities, etc. Use the budget worksheet to estimate the total cost of studying abroad before you go and while abroad.

Also, check out Chapman students' suggestions in Creative Ways of Fundraising to Study Abroad.

In addition, Go Overseas has developed the "Ultimate Student Guide to Financing Your Life Abroad" e-book available for free download. Learn tips on how to budget and save up for study abroad, forms of money to use while abroad, handling money emergencies and scams while abroad, and budgeting for cell phone use while abroad.

Additional Deposits and Fees

Students on certain semester programs may incur a program deposit, an application fee, and/or a refundable housing deposit, all of which are paid directly to the program provider before departure. See the collapsible chart below to determine if your program requires a deposit payment from the student or if Chapman University will pay the deposit.

Deposits and Fees by Program Provider

Program/Host Institution



Chapman University pays program deposit; Chapman pays utility fees for Florence students


Chapman University pays confirmation payment. Student pays application fee.


Chapman University pays program deposit

Anglo American University

Application fee and security deposit are waived


Application fee and security deposit are waived

Franklin University

Student pays refundable housing deposit


Chapman University pays program deposit


Students use link in Global Gateway application instructions to waive application deposit; Chapman pays housing commitment fee; Student pays refundable housing deposit to University of Roehampton & ISA Greece

ISEP Exchange

Student pays application fee and placement fee; Chapman will reimburse a portion of the placement fee. This does not apply to ISEP Direct programs.

Korea University

Students should ignore automated emails from Korea University requesting housing payments. Student pays housing costs directly through Chapman e-pay. 

Semester at Sea

Chapman University pays program deposit


Chapman University pays program deposit

Spanish Studies Abroad

Chapman University pays program deposit

Suffolk University

Application fee waived for Chapman students

Temple University

Chapman University pays program and housing deposits

Theatre Academy London

Chapman University pays program deposit

University of Limerick

Student pays refundable housing deposit

University of Newcastle

Student pays housing accommodation application fee; No application fee

Washington Program

Chapman University pays program deposit

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