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U.S. citizens can vote in U.S. elections while studying abroad. Follow the steps below to register and request your overseas absentee ballot for elections occurring in your home state while abroad.

Step 1: Register to vote if you are not already registered (skip to step 2 if you are registered). If your home state is different than California, check Campus Vote Project to help determine if you can register in California or your home state (one or the other, not both). Each state has its own voting requirements and deadlines to request a ballot. Check your state of voter registration to view that information.

Step 2: Request an absentee ballot be sent to you while abroad for the specific election. You can use either one of these non-partisan websites to request your absentee ballot abroad: overseasvotefoundation.org or votefromabroad.org.  Select “U.S. Citizen Residing Outside the U.S. Temporarily and I Intend to Return” and complete the rest of the form. 

Step 3: If you need to enter your international mailing address to receive your ballot, use your physical address overseas, or you can ask your international office/study abroad provider if mail can be sent to their address. 

Semester at Sea: Please check with staff on the ship about how to receive mail.

Step 4: Once you request your absentee ballot, you will be given instructions on how to fill it out abroad and return it. Official absentee voting information can be found through the U.S. Department of State.

Washington Semester Program: Request an absentee ballot on U.S. Vote Foundation.

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