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Embark on a journey of international experiences as you explore the engaging content crafted by the CGE Global Ambassadors. Explore social media, podcasts, blogs, and vlogs that showcase the transformative power of international education. Reach out to CGE Advisor, Jordan Kaiser, if you are interested in showcasing your social content while abroad or upon your return home!

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Student Program Location Term
Anjali Drapcho AIFS Study Abroad in Cannes Cannes, France Spring 2023
Joan Karstrom Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea Fall 2022
Jordan Garth University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland Fall 2019
Rosa Nguyen University of Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland Fall 2019
Shayna Sternin Theatre Academy London London, England Spring 2019
Aaron Chen Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China Fall 2018
Raven Hampton City, University of London London, England Fall 2018
Jacque Van Bronkhorst Anglo-American University Prague, Czech Republic Spring 2018
Casey Corbin Temple University Japan Tokyo, Japan Spring 2018
Andie Burns CEA in Seville - Arts & Sciences Seville, Spain Spring 2018
Sydney Druckman University of Roehampton London, England Fall 2017
Noelle Johnson American University Washington, D.C. Fall 2017
Emily Bernstein University of Limerick Limerick, Ireland Spring 2017
Ana Vincenti Spanish Studies Abroad Seville, Spain Spring 2017
Emily Klammer Umbra Institute Perugia, Italy Fall 2016
Savannah Sanchez University of Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands Fall 2016
Tara Sonnemaker Semester at Sea Multi-Country Fall 2015
Lotus Thai University of Newcastle Newcastle, Australia Spring 2015
Claudia Baker University of Otago Otago, New Zealand Spring 2015
Emma Brent Thammasat University Bangkok, Thailand Spring 2015



Fox Helms | CEA in Paris - Liberal Arts & French Studies | Paris, France | Spring 2020


Jae Staten | AIFS Study Abroad | Cannes, France Spring 2018

Sawyer Montgomery | Universidad Americana | Managua, Nicaragua | Fall 2017

Click this link to watch Sawyer's amazing video!

Ari Jong | University of Auckland | Auckland, New Zealand | Fall 2015


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