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Summer International Internships

» Summer International Internships

Summer international internships are 8-week programs with customized placements around the world that will develop students’ communication, leadership, teamwork, and intercultural communication skills. Visit International Internship program listings to learn about locations, dates, cost, and links to apply. Placements are completed in the spring semester after the application deadline. Summer 2024 applications closed Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Summer 2025 applications will open in September 2024.

International internships can increase your understanding of a chosen field, enhance your academic experience, expand your network, and provide you with a new perspective beyond the classroom. For more information about Summer International Internships, attend one of our Global First Steps sessions offered several times a week. Read below for information on:  

  • Eligibility 
  • Types of Programs
  • Academics 
  • Application Process and Timeline 
  • Cost & Funding 
  • Domestic Internships
Female student in medical scrubs in a hospital building
Yasaman ‘18
B.S. Health Sciences
Interning abroad in Madrid opened doors for me in all areas of academic, professional, and social growth... I was able to develop and utilize the Spanish skills and knowledge I’ve acquired over the course of my foreign language education, and apply it every day at my internship in the hospital and throughout my experiences in Spain.


All summer international internship programs are open to juniors and seniors in any major with a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA. Students who do not receive disciplinary clearance from the Dean of Students will be ineligible to participate. Students with conduct holds may be required to meet with the Dean of Students office to be cleared. Applicants must follow all international internship program deadlines and requirements. 

Chapman seniors who originally planned to graduate in spring may participate in a summer international internship program for credit after they delay their graduation until August. 

Types of Programs

Chapman students of all majors can participate in an international internship in one of ten locations: Australia, Bangkok, Dublin, Madrid, New Zealand, Prague, Santiago, Seoul, Shanghai, and Sorrento. View internship listing details. Students can be placed anywhere within a country that is listed or the specific city listed. Our internships are customized placements based on the student's major and career goals; there is no pre-set list of companies or organizations where a student is placed. Internship teams work closely with students and companies to find a customized, best-fit placement option with various companies and non-profit organizations. Some internships include research-based opportunities for STEM fields.

Sample types of internships include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical research assistant
  • Market research assistant
  • Literary assistant
  • Marketing and creative design
  • Technology database assistant
  • Observing dietitian consultations
  • Copywriting and developing social media content
  • Production assistant
  • Visual merchandising


International internships are offered for three Chapman credits and students must complete a minimum of 120 hours of work during the eight-week program. All credits earned from Chapman's summer international internship programs may apply towards the Global Study Portion of the Global Education Program.  

If you have any questions regarding the academic content of the internships, please contact the Chapman faculty member who oversees the academic portion of the program.  

Only international internship programs through the Center for Global Education may count for Chapman credit. Students may not receive Chapman credit or transfer credit for independently pursued international internships.  

Timeline and Application Process 

Summer international internship program applications go live in mid-September and the deadline is typically mid-November. Applicants can only apply to one international internship per term.  

  1. Attend a Global First Steps session to learn more; optional for international internship participants and offered weekly during the semester.
  2. To apply, open an international internship application for your chosen program on the Global Gateway during the application period. Students will receive a link to schedule a required advising appointment with your Global Education Advisor within one business day of opening their application. Before the application deadline, you must submit all pre-decision requirements listed on your Global Gateway application including:
  • participant’s digitally signed Enrollment Agreement and Financial Obligation form.
  • $400 deposit, paid through the Global Gateway after submitting the Enrollment Agreement.
  • Professional resume and cover letter tailored to the internship.*
  • All remaining pre-decision requirements in your Global Gateway application.  

*Career and Professional Development will lead a resume and cover letter workshop for students to create or update a polished resume and cover letter for your application. Students are highly encouraged to attend.  

  1. The Center for Global Education will review your application materials and send acceptance notices before winter break in December followed by their next steps.
  2. In the following spring semester, students will be required to meet with their assigned internship faculty advisor, attend interview preparation sessions with the internship provider in order to receive a placement, and complete an International Internship Work Experience Contract.

For international travel, you must have a passport (must be valid 6+ months after the program end and signed). If you do not have a passport or need to renew it, apply for one now.   

Cost & Financial Assistance 

During the recruitment period, the cost of each international internship program is advertised as a price range (this does not include tuition fees, see below). After the application period closes, the final participant cost is determined based on the final number of paying participants. Details for international internship financial policies are outlined in the Enrollment and Financial Obligation Agreement and that are found on individual international internship brochures and will be emailed to you.  


Program inclusions vary by international internship and include placements, orientation, activities, on-site support, and housing for the duration of the program and. Programs do not include tuition (see below) and do not include airfare. 


A non-refundable deposit of $400 is paid through the Global Gateway AFTER successfully submitting the Enrollment Agreement. Deposits will be deducted from the final participant cost of the international internship program. Further instructions on how to pay the deposit will be included in your application.  

First Payment 

The first payment will be due in early spring semester and is a portion of the full program cost. After the first payment, students are financially committed to the full program cost. The Center for Global Education will send students instructions on first payment method and deadline. 

Final Payment

The full program cost of the international internship will be determined by the number of participants enrolled and will never exceed the highest price quoted in the advertised price range. The final payment will be the full program cost minus the deposit paid and first payment paid. The Center for Global Education will send students instructions on final payment method and deadline. Students must submit their final payment receipt to the CGE to participate. 

Tuition Fees

International internship program costs do not include Chapman University Tuition fees. The most current summer tuition costs can be found through Student Business Services. 

For summer international internships, students may submit a One-Time Tuition Waiver for up to 4 credits to Student Business Services. Student Business Services determines a student's eligibility.   

Scholarships & Budgeting

Undergraduate Chapman students who identify as First Generation can apply to receive assistance for travel costs for study abroad. Visit Chapman's Promising Futures Program and carefully review eligibility requirements and deadlines. View other scholarships by location and program length. 

  • Students accepted to Australia, New Zealand, Santiago, or Shanghai internships may be eligible for ISA Scholarships. 
  • Students accepted to the Dublin, Madrid, or Prague internships may be eligible for EUSA Scholarships. 

Use the international internship budget worksheet to determine your total cost of participation and budget your expenses. 

Domestic Internships 

Students interested in domestic internships should contact Career and Professional Development at Chapman University. Email your questions to the Internships Coordinator at internships@chapman.edu. 

Questions about studying abroad?

Email: globaled@chapman.edu

Call: (714) 997-6830

Visit: 576 N. Glassell, Orange, CA 92867


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