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Summer Travel Courses

» Summer Faculty-Led Travel Courses

Travel Courses are short-term domestic and international programs led by Chapman faculty for 1-4 weeks. Students take one Chapman course for the duration of the program. You can view current and previous summer Travel Courses offered.

For more information about Travel Courses, please attend one of our Global First Steps sessions offered several times a week during the semester.


Eligibility for a Travel Course is determined by the faculty leading the program. All first-year, sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students must meet prerequisites established by the faculty. Students are encouraged to contact the faculty group leader to determine whether they meet the eligibility requirements for the Travel Course. Students who do not receive disciplinary clearance from the Dean of Students will be ineligible to participate. Students with conduct holds may be required to meet with the Dean of Students office to be cleared. Applicants must follow all Travel Course deadlines and requirements.

Graduating Seniors may participate in a Summer Travel Course after the faculty leader(s) gain individual approval from the Provost's Office. Zero credits will be granted. Alumni will pay the same fees as non-Chapman participants. If Seniors want tuition credit from the Travel Course, they may need to delay their graduation until August.


Travel Courses are offered for 3 to 4 academic credits. Courses may be lower division, upper division, or graduate level. All credits earned from Travel Courses outside the United States apply to the Global Studies Inquiry of the Global Education (GE) Requirements. Domestic Travel Courses do not qualify for the Global Study GE.

If you have any questions regarding a Travel Course's academic content or additional on-campus class requirements, please get in touch with the leading faculty member(s).   

Timeline and Application Process

Summer Travel Course applications go live on the Global Gateway around the start of the Spring semester. Applicants can only apply to one Travel Course per term unless both Travel Course dates do not overlap. 

1. Attend a Global First Steps session to learn more; optional for Travel Course participants and offered weekly during the semester.

2. To apply, visit the Global Gateway for programs currently accepting applications and open an application for your preferred Travel Course. Once you open an application, the faculty leader informs the Center for Global Education if you are authorized to participate. Before the application deadline, you must submit all pre-decision requirements listed on your Global Gateway application, including:
  • digitally signed Enrollment Agreement (emailed to you after receiving faculty authorization).
  • proof of deposit paid after submitting the Enrollment Agreement.
  • copy of valid passport or passport renewal/application receipt (if international program).
  • all remaining application materials.

3. The application deadline for Summer Travel Courses is typically the end of March and will be specified on the Global Gateway. Earlier deadlines may apply to a specific Travel Course, and some Travel Courses may close before the advertised deadline if they reach maximum capacity.

4. Once your application is complete and deposit is paid, you are committed financially to the program. You will be registered on the official course roster by the Center for Global Education.
5. The Center for Global Education will share your next steps after the application deadline, including the final cost and payment method. The Center for Global Education must receive proof of payment before you will be allowed to participate in the Travel Course program. 

Cost and Funding

During the recruitment period, the cost of a Travel Course is advertised as a price range. After recruiting closes, the final participant cost is determined based on the final number of paying participants. Once the Center for Global Education receives all pre-decision application materials, the participant is financially committed to the full cost of the program (not just the deposit submitted), even if you cannot participate for any reason. Details for Travel Course financial policies are outlined in the Enrollment and Financial Obligation Agreement and will be found on individual Travel Course brochures. They will be emailed to you once the faculty leader authorizes your participation in the Travel Course. 


Program inclusions vary by Travel Course and may include some meals and activities. All Travel Courses will include accommodations for the duration of the program. Programs do not include tuition or airfare.  

Chapman University provides Travel Protection Insurance. See Travel Protection Insurance Overview, FAQs, and How to File a Claim. 


A non-refundable deposit of $500 or 10% of the total program fee, whichever is higher, is paid through the Global Gateway after the applicant receives notification from the Center for Global Education that the faculty has provided authorization for the applicant to join the course and the applicant has successfully submitted their Enrollment Agreement. Deposits will be deducted from the final participant cost of the Travel Course program. Further instructions on how to pay the deposit will be included in your application. 

Final Payment: 

The number of participants enrolled will determine the full program cost of the Travel Course and will never exceed the highest price quoted in the advertised price range. The final payment will be the full program cost minus the deposit paid. The Center for Global Education will send students instructions on the final payment method and deadline. Students must submit their final payment receipt to the CGE to participate.  

Tuition Fees: 

Travel Course program costs do not include Chapman University Tuition fees. The most current summer tuition costs can be found through Student Business Services. 

Students may submit a One-Time Tuition Waiver for up to 4 credits to Student Business Services for international summer Travel Courses. Student Business Services determines a student's eligibility. The One-Time Tuition Waiver is not eligible for use on any Travel Course going to domestic or Canadian destinations. Graduating Seniors who will not be enrolled full-time during the Spring semester of their graduating year can contact their Student Account Advisor to determine if they qualify for a Graduating Senior Interterm Tuition Waiver exception. Graduate students' eligibility varies by program. Please get in touch with your Program Department for more information.  

Scholarships & Budgeting: 

Undergraduate Chapman students who identify as First Generation can apply for assistance for study abroad travel costs. Visit Chapman's Promising Futures Program and carefully review eligibility requirements and deadlines.

View other scholarships by location and program length. 

Use the Travel Course Budget Worksheet to determine your total cost of participation and budget your expenses.

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