» California CTC Common Standards: Standard 5

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+ - 5.1 Candidate demonstrated success in meeting all adopted standards.

5.1 The institution ensures that candidates preparing to serve as professional school personnel know and demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to educate and support effectively all students in meeting state adopted academic standards. Assessments indicate that candidates meet the Commission adopted competency requirements as specified in the program standards.

Submitted as part of Program Review

+ - 5.2 Program demonstrated positive impact on Pk-12 schools

5.2 The unit and its programs demonstrate that they are having a positive impact on teaching and learning in schools that serve California’s students.

Attallah College actively relies on various methods to demonstrate our candidates have a positive impact on schools. All programs utilize three levels of data to assess potential and outcome-based program impact: (1) clinical data, (2) graduate data, and (3) alumni data outlined below. We evaluate candidate progression through clinical fieldwork experience across a series of formative and summative assessments conducted by the University Supervisor and Master Teacher in Teacher Education, and the Practica/Internship Supervisor in School Counseling and School Psychology programs. Each program captures and reviews graduate outcome data points including completer performance assessments, Exit Interviews (School Counseling, School Psychology, Special Education), and Exit Surveys (all programs). Finally, we have begun capturing alumni employment data across programs. Our plan is to take these data findings and develop an interview protocol and survey tool to capture employer information about individual Attallah alumnus aggregating these data to inform program design. Finally, we have integrated the CTC Completer Surveys as part of our Annual Review process for Teacher Education as a means of tracking feedback on our programs and alumni.  

Clinical Data
Graduate Data
Alumni Data


Additionally, we have selected anecdotal data of alumni impact:

Arthur Cunha (MAT ’00) - Chief Human Resources Officer, Los Angeles County Office of Education

Jeremy Dirks (MAT '13) - Principal, Christopher High School in Gilroy Unified School District

Robert Haley (SPEDMA '94) - Superintendent of Schools, San Dieguito Union High School District

Lilia Syed (EDPSYMA, SPEDS, PPSP ’06) - Director of Special Education, Moorpark Unified School District

Recently, three of our School Counseling graduates received a highest honor in Orange County and were awarded Orange County Department of Education 2019 School Counselor Advocate Award:

Beau Menchaca (CNSLMA ’02) - School Counselor, Century High School in the Santa Ana Unified School District

Katerina Sorrell (CNSLMA ’14, LPCC) - School Counselor, Gates Elementary School and six other elementary schools in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Andrew Fredriksz (CNSLMA ’16, LPCC) - School Counselor, Aliso Viejo Middle School in the Capistrano Unified School District


Taken together, we are starting to gain a picture of the positive impact of our Attallah College graduates in the field. We look forward to expanding our data collection and analysis.